Tea, rain and dreaming of home.

It is still raining. It has rained every day now for at least one week. Maybe two. And I am definitely not complaining, because it keeps the temperature down. I much prefer rain and under 30 degrees than sun and 35 degrees... 

I am still painting on a few commissions in the studio, so no work in progress to show at this time. Hopefully I can share the first finished one next week.

It is dark in the middle of the day due to the heavy rain. So teatime! 

Pouring down.

I still got some tomatoes and cucumber from my veggie lady though.

The abandoned back streets of Shanghai. People always disappear when it is raining heavily, so it is a good time to get around...

My fridge was empty so I walked across the street to out food court and bought Yangs dumplings. Yummy!!!

In the studio I was dreaming of home in-between working on the other paintings... I'm trying to learn to paint more loosely in watercolour. These small postcards are perfect to experiment on! It is only a couple of weeks now before I will be in this place again.


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