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Greetings from Spain.

Greetings from south of Spain! I spend a few weeks in Nerja (near Malaga) to enjoy my cousins wedding. The weather was perfect, a little cloudy and not too hot most of the days. I was able to hike for a few days up in the mountain area with my camera before a nasty flue put a stop to it. Below are some shots from the local birds that were sitting still long enough for me to locate them and get a photo.

Before going out hiking to find whatever birds there was to find, I had much fun watching the birds in the garden. They had found that the watering hose (or whatever it's name) was leaking, and they used it as a drinking post on sunny days. Here are 3 juvenile Common Crossbills
A pair of Goldfinches.
Male Chaffinch.
Male Common Blackbird.
Red-legged partridge.
Common Serin.
House sparrow.
Continental Long-tailed tit. I was so happy to see this small bird. I saw them several times, but they were so fast and mobile so I did not get many good shots of them. I did not really …