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Tea, rain and dreaming of home.

It is still raining. It has rained every day now for at least one week. Maybe two. And I am definitely not complaining, because it keeps the temperature down. I much prefer rain and under 30 degrees than sun and 35 degrees... 
I am still painting on a few commissions in the studio, so no work in progress to show at this time. Hopefully I can share the first finished one next week.
It is dark in the middle of the day due to the heavy rain. So teatime! 
Pouring down.
I still got some tomatoes and cucumber from my veggie lady though.
The abandoned back streets of Shanghai. People always disappear when it is raining heavily, so it is a good time to get around...
My fridge was empty so I walked across the street to out food court and bought Yangs dumplings. Yummy!!!
In the studio I was dreaming of home in-between working on the other paintings... I'm trying to learn to paint more loosely in watercolour. These small postcards are perfect to experiment on! It is only a couple of weeks n…

A rainy Monday.

It's raining. It is also dark and quite grey. A perfect time to sit down under the blanket with a cup of tea and write a post... I have also edited and uploaded my next video to Youtube, done 2 loads in the washing machine, talked to mom, and before I go and meet my hubby for dinner I have an appointment with a red Lamborghini. Sounds exciting doesn't it? But it's just my vacuum cleaner. I wonder who came up with the brilliant name for it...☺️

Shanghai under heavy clouds of rain.
I have started a new 'project' of making postcards. When I do not know what to do or where to start in the mornings when I'm in my studio, I can just grab one of these cards and do something. Anything at all. Just to do something creative and hopefully get the inspiration going. I could of course just use an artjournal for this as well, but this way I will get postcards that I can use and send. 
Postcard no:2. A baby Chaffinch.
Preparing a canvas for a commission. This one will become …

This and that.

Greetings from the gallery! As it is Sunday I was hoping that maybe there would be some visitors to the gallery, so I took my computer with me and am doing some 'work'. If blogging can be considered work... 😊
But as you can see from the photo, it is empty. It is an absolute stunning gallery, but it is not very good when it comes to the amount of visitors or opportunity to selling. It can be that my art simply do not appeal to the audience here of course, but it is hard to know since every time I have visited there have been no visitors! So I guess that I am disappointed because I don't know if my art would appeal to the audience here or not, since there have practically been none... I do not want to complain, but if I am honest I have to admit that I do feel a little disappointed in that the only thing I will have to show from this exhibition is that I can write in my CV that I have had an exhibition in Shanghai. That in itself is great, but... Well. I guess that we artis…

Exhibition in Shanghai.

It is Wednesday, and the Dragon boat festival holiday here in China is over. Today is a normal working day again, so it is back to business... 

The opening of my exhibition in Shanghai was on Sunday, and it turned out to be a beautiful summer day. Many of the people I had invited came, so it was a happy day! No other people tough, the Gallery owner told me that due to the Dragon boat festival, non of her contacts were able to come. I was (am I should say) a little disappointed in that, because if I would have realised it earlier I would have insisted on delaying the opening with a week. But oh well. I am so grateful for those who came and made my opening a happy occasion, so thank you all!

I promised you pictures from the Exhibition, so here they are:

This is the first thing you see when you come up to the second floor where the gallery is.
Turning right and you see the exhibition.
I tried to take photos from every angle.

Opening day! My husband checking out the welcome drink.
The gall…