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So. Barn owls. I have two going for the moment, one flying and one sleeping.

I don't have that much new to share, since it has been a really slow week in the studio. I have been running around the city looking at apartments, and trying to cure a nasty flue at the same time… We are now living in a service apartment, which is like living in a hotel, only difference is that we have a small kitchen too… But as it looks now we will probably stay here in Shanghai for 2 years, so we need a 'real' apartment. And finding something that suits us within the budget is not easy. Shanghai is expensive!! But I will give you a full tour when we have found what we need, and have moved in. I am really looking forward to be able to paint in a room without wallpaper, so that I don't have to be so careful all the time. I feel really hampered (is hampered the right word? I feel like I have to be so careful as not to make a mess or get paint on the floor or on the walls or table or chair or……

Published in ArtJournal Kickstarter!

*Love* *love* *love* I have been waiting for this book!
I was one of the finalist in an art competition last year, and the prize was to be published in an art book about art journals. 4 of my pages was chosen to be included in the book. I really enjoyed the book, and there are 99 artists that share pages with art and stories from their journals to be inspired by.  I'm proud to present: Art Journal Kickstarter, edited by Kristy Conlin and published by North Light Books:

The colorful cover.
Page 10.
Page 11.
You can find the book at North Light Books and on

Tea and painting

I was sitting here wondering about what it was that I was missing. I was admiring and trying out some newly bought art supplies, and that usually always makes me very happy. You know, like a child with a new toy. What can it do? How does it react to other mediums? What all can I use it for? And: How will it finally look when painted?
And then it dawn on me, I have not yet had my cup of tea today… How could I forget? That is usually the first thing I do in the morning, brew a nice hot cuppa tea! But now when that is rectified everything is well with my world again ;)

Selecting the pictures to go with this blog, my tea, and a old schoolbook I decided to start reading again. One of the opening sentences really drew me in, I had forgot how nice Mr Ernst Gombricht speaks about art. (original title: The story of art)  'Eigenlijk is er geen kunst. Er zijn alleen kunstenaars.' = in my translation: 'Truth be told there is no art. There are only artists.' I like that. You do not…


So. Living in Shanghai.
So far it has been fun, a lot to see and do, great food and drinks, but also very distracting. I have not got as much work done as I thought I would. Or should have by this time. But in the few months I have been here I have had time to travel back to Rizhao a couple of times, showed visitors around the city, been on many lunches with my good friends Pim and Kim, having a lot of dinners, visited the Shanghai aquarium, walked around a lot, been to the fake market, ordered some clothes from the fabric market, celebrated Finish independence party with ca 400 other finns, celebrated Christmas with our good friends John and Kim, celebrated New Year with great friends, food and drinks here at our place, and…. You see? There is just so much to DO here!! Especially around christmas and new year. Now I hope it will calm down a bit so that I can get some undisturbed days in the studio.
Oh, wait, we still have the Chinese new year coming up, with a planned trip to Harbin …