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Birds and backgrounds

So, I have been playing with backgrounds and beginning on two new birds. It has been raining the whole day, and it has been nice and cozy in the studio. Happy day!
This will be another tree sparrow. I have so many nice reference photos of these small brown birds, I just have to paint them ;)
Long tailed tit. The continental version.
Painting and adding layers to canvases.
So far an abstract painting, I need to find the perfect bird for this one next...
Blue. Many layers of papers and blue acrylic.
Another background almost finished. This will probably be the background I will paint the latest thrush from my journal. Lets see!

Raw sienna hour and art journal.

I guess this is what they call 'the golden hour', though I would sooner call it the 'raw sienna hour'! Looking outside now looks like looking at one of those old sepia/brown photographs but yellower… I tried to take a photo of it, but somehow the camera turns it to normal colors… oh well, I will share the picture I took yesterday instead. At 16-ish it became very dark, and I looked outside to see this dark sky approaching with lightnings on the horizon, and a few minutes later the thunder started to roll and the rain started to pour down. I finally got my windows rinsed, at least on the north side of the apartment. =D

In the studio the last few days I have been painting mainly on some backgrounds and in my art journal. Now I have to figure out what birds to paint on my new backgrounds, and I hope playing around in my journal will help with the decision making!

A Chaffinch done two ways. I prefer this first version.
Second Chaffinch. 
Pencil drawing and watercolor of a …


I had a lovely mini holiday in Shanghai the whole of last week, here are some pictures from different parts of the city:

Welcome drink in Shanghai with the lovely Kim.

If it does not fall over it is not overloaded!
Washing day.
Beautiful fresh veggies at a small back road.
Ordering tailor made suit and shirts for Sam in the Shanghai fabric market.
Sam choosing material for a new jacket to go with the new suit.
Capuccino with bear.
Capuccino with cat.
Nanjing Lu.
Eating sushi one evening.
Elevated road in the middle of Shanghai.
The new Shanghai tower under construction.
Beautiful fresh fruit!
Ongoing repairs.
Pearl shop at Yu garden.
Yu garden.
Market at the Yu garden.
Market at the Yu garden.