Monday, 17 June 2013

Laoshan Mountain

We went on a short trip to Qingdao this weekend (2 hours car drive north from Rizhao ). Sam, 2 of Sam's colleagues from the mill and me. Instead of going shopping for western food as we usually do, this time we went hiking up the mountain just north of the city. Laoshan mountain. Also the name of a brand of bottled water that comes from this very place.
Link to some more info about the mountain for anyone who is interested:

We had luck with the weather: not too hot and partly clouded. It was a 8km hike up to the top, on quite good stairs all the way. So I do not know if you could actually call it a 'hike', it was more of a steep hill/step walking. But non the less a sweaty one. I forgot my step counter, it would have been nice to know how many steps it became.

It was a nice mountain, beautiful although nothing spectacular. I have been hiking up to El Cielo in Maro, south of Spain (about 1500m above see level, and on a small trail, no fancy staircase all the way to the top there...), and the nature reminded me very much of that. After my trip to Hunan province last year to the 'halelujah' or 'Avatar' mountains of Zhangjiajie, Laoshan felt small. But aside from not being 'blown away by the scenery' it was a very nice day trip, and it felt really good coming out and seeing something else than Rizhao. The staircase made some really good leg training as well!
The tourist season has not started yet, so it was nice and calm and not too many other people.

We passed two small temples, one half way, and one at the top. All the way they had small stands that sold drink, food and crafts etc. I realized now when I went through my pictures, that I forgot to make a picture of the small restaurants along the way. Ah well. Next time!

Enough talking, here are the pictures!

A small lake at the feet of the mountain.

A small waterfall in the beginning.

It was cloudy when we left the car park, but we soon came up to the sun.

At the top you could see down to the cable car house that was our last stop before taking the easy way down with the cable car. What I really liked here was the clouds that came down from the mountain and 'ran' downhills towards the see.

And after walking up the mountain, we took the easy way down, and left the sun behind us.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Parallax Art Fair - Pictures

EDIT: Authors note or what they call it... ;) This post is from october last year. I wanted to edit the text in it, and did not realize that by editing it and 'updating' it also became my latest post instead of staying on the timeline where it belonged of last year! Apparently I still have a lot to learn about blogger...

So, a dip in the past, enjoy the photos: (Again... ;-) )

October 2012:

I finally got the pictures from my London trip uploaded to the computer and organized, so now I can show you what the Parallax Art Fair looked like!

Hanging day on Friday the 12th October before the opening the same evening.

As you can see here, I am all done!

The fair from the outside, at the Chelsea Old Town Hall.

The Opening, or private preview! Here you can see the beautiful hall we were in.

The private preview was a black tie occasion on, so everybody was nicely dressed up.

View the other way...

My corner!

And me at my corner on Saturday.

On the opening night the Finnish ambassador Mr Pekka Huhtaniemi with his wife came to visit the fair and me, and I appreciated that very much: thank you for visiting me! They were a lovely couple!

On Saturday the London based journalist for HBL from Finland Kerstin Lindman-Strafford came, and we too had a lovely chat.
On saturday I also sold one of my small 20x20cm paintings (the orange painting, if you look closely on the last photo you can see the small red dot under it...).

Next post will be about the rest of the trip, so you can prepare for a lot of pictures of castles and 'old' Great Britain!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

June and more birds.

June. The last 5 month feels like they have been just one!  I am glad that the summer heat (read: sauna outside) hasn't arrived yet, and I hope it stays this way until I fly home to Finland...

I was so excited about my new backgrounds, that I have not gotten any of my older paintings finished.  I have been painting on these new ones instead. They have all gotten the first 'blocking in' of the birds, and now I will have to adjust some of the backgrounds before I go on.

Saker falcon and a pair of Common Blackbirds.

Two Barn owls and a Red-crested Cardinal. The red will come in the next layer!