Thursday, 23 February 2017

This and that...

Greetings from Finland! This winter I didn't get to see and feel a real winter only once, but twice! And there is quite some whirly snowfall outside while I am writing this. I love winter and snow and ice... I do complain when it is slippery outside, but I love it anyway!

My visit home this time is on a more somber note. My father in law passed away. It is still very unreal somehow. I know it is the way of life, but we had all thought that he would have had at least a few more years amongst us. For the moment there is not much I can say, except for rest in peace Reima!

I took some canvases and painting material with me, and I have set up a small studio in my parents living room while I am home. I have contacted the Gallery in Shanghai and asked if I can move the exhibition to the end of March. So lets see what they say, and I will keep you posted.

I've set up my temporary studio in a corner of my parents living room. I have covered everything in old sheets as to protect the surfaces from paint.

On the easel at the moment: a magnolia painting I started in Shanghai.

Here is the same painting before I started with oils.

The swan is almost finished. It will have to wait for the last touch ups until I am back in my studio.

When your protective under paper is more beautiful than your painted backgrounds... Maybe I can glue this down on a canvas and see how it works. I think that I one day have to try to buy un-stretched canvas to use as 'under paper' on my table and see if I can get these overspills captured that way...

A small 20x20cm canvas waiting for a flower. Or a bird. I haven't decided which one yet.

My posts will probably be irregular for time, but then again, that is nothing new... Until next time!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Flowers and birds.

I have been meaning to write for several days now, and I even knew exactly what to share with you. I had a flower painting that evolved a little funny, and I thought it would be fun to show it. However, for some very strange reason I have deleted those progress photos, or saved them in the wrong folder so that I can't find them now...

Oh well.

So, time for a general studio update instead!

I did tell you that I am going to have an exhibition here in Shanghai in April? Well, I am trying now to work towards that.  A whole gallery to fill, and not much time to do it. It is not helping that I am going away for a week on Friday either... But dead-lines are good, I need dead-lines to get work done, so it is all good!

I have been experimenting with my backgrounds, and for this series of paintings I am getting very excited! I love when that happens. I wanted something a little bit simpler, and I am loving the textures! Now I have so many more ideas in my head that I want to get down on canvas...

First up is a heron. The same heron that I have tried to paint once before, but now with a new background. Same idea for the background, but this time I succeeded with getting down what I saw in my head. Sometimes I overthink things when I paint... Background is done with fluid acrylic colours, and a few layers of gel medium in between to seal the acrylic since I used so much water to get the watercolour effect. The heron is taking form in oil colours.

Detail of the heron after one more layer of oil.

Flying egret. This is my new favourite I think. I do not know why, but I love it. It is not often I get that feeling of my own work, but this time my vision has really been realised on the canvas. Here I have the first layer of oil down. I guess only one more layer is needed for it to be finished.

I loved this angle...

A little bit the same story for this painting, a swan. The first layer of oil down here as well, one more to go!

Cherry blossoms. Only the blocking in done with acrylics. I have quite many of these planned, but I find the birds more fun to paint at the moment... I guess that as soon as start getting those colours down it will be different.

And the last one, some magnolias. I love to paint magnolias. Their petals are easy, and I am really enjoying this composition as well. One more layer of oil needed before I call these done!