Painting again

I am settling in in my new studio, and it feels good to be painting again. True, it is a little bit slow now in the beginning as always after a pause, but I'm getting there. I have been painting mostly in watercolour the last days, but I have had out both my acrylics and my oils.

The weather has been warmer with what feels like a warm wind from the south, but colder weather is due again next week.

I have also been spending quite a few hours designing a new website. It is coming along nicely, and I am very happy with the change to a new host. As soon as I have everything updated, I will give it a shout out so that you all can tell me what you think!

Now on to the artsy stuff from the last two weeks:

Two new abstract backgrounds. I felt like painting some small singing birds on these.
Two more of the same size, 20x20cm in the making. This time headshots of Mr and Mrs Peacock. Mr. has already gotten his first layer of oil.
Small wren in watercolour. Very simple design.
Long-tailed ti…

Welcome to my new studio and apartment!

This blog is all about the new apartment and my new studio! It feels so good to have everything unpacked and organized. Or not everything. I still want to change a few things in the kitchen, but I have requested to get 2 more shelves installed in 2 of the cupboards so I will organize everything after that has been done.

It is a 3 bedroom apartment, and one of the bedrooms is my new studio. For a full tour of the apartment, please watch this video:

Here I will post photos from the living room, and my studio:

First of: 2 photos of how it looked before we moved in.
It is a beautiful wooden floor with floor heating. And I am really starting to like these warm grey walls. 
And after I unpacked our things. 

The spare bedroom that is now my new studio.
And here it is all unpacked and ready!

I found a new use for our old wine rack- storage and drying place for my small paintings!

Happy New Year 2018!

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Creative and Blessed 2018. 
New year, new apartment, and tonight I will even have a new studio. The move went very well and I think it was my fastest one so far. The movers came 8:30 in the morning on the 21st of December, and by 12:30 in the afternoon everything was moved to the new apartment. Quite amazing, right?!

I had 2 days to unpack before we had guests coming to stay with us on for a week, and we had an amazing Christmas. Since we went home for a visit just before the holidays, we were able to bring back with us all our traditional Christmas food. So we had our first real traditional Christmas dinner in 7 years. It was so good, and amazing to be able to share with our friends.

The new apartment starts to feel like home now, and I think that as soon as I get my studio up and running, it will feel even more so. And that is my program for today. Organizing my new studio. First I will have to move everything out of the room so that I can cover the…

Merry Christmas!

In two days time, I will be back in Shanghai and that will mean moving time! I am so looking forward to this move to the new apartment, and I can't wait to get started. But before all that, here are the last Christmas cards I made for this year. By now I have already given out almost all of them.

These are all watercolour on paper.
Two night scenes with a dramatic sky. I really like these.
This is a very simple design. It is as they say that sometimes 'less is more'.
The last 2.
I do not know if I will have the time to write any more posts before Christmas, so Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and let it be a joyous time with family and friends!

More Christmas cards.

Today I have my second batch of Christmas cards to share with you. 4 cards with birds. 2 Bullfinches and 2 European Robins. Instead of making 4 different designs I decided to make just 2 and to colour them differently.

Here are all 4 of them.
Robin nr. 1. Very simple with no background.
Robin nr. 2.
Bullfinch nr. 1.
And my favourite of the bunch: Bullfinch nr. 2! I like the colours best in this one.
And last but not least: the video I made of making them!

Christmas cards in watercolours.

It's raining/snowing outside. Or something in between anyway. In any case, it is wet. It just turned 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and it is already dark outside. I had forgotten how dark it is here in Finland during the winter. But with fire, sauna and hot drinks it is very cosy!
So yes, we came to Finland yesterday. I will stay for a little more than a week, then I will fly for 10 days to Spain before returning to Shanghai. It will certainly be a busy month for me. I have already packed almost the whole apartment into boxes so that I am prepared for the move on the 21st of December after arriving back to Shanghai on the 20th... So we will enjoy Christmas in the new apartment!

Christmas cards. The last two weeks I have been painting quite a few Christmas cards and turned it into 3 videos for the month of December. The first video is already uploaded, and I am now editing the next 2 videos. They were all a joy to make, and I had a lot of fun making them. Below is the first batch…

New apartment and more watercolours.

I have found an apartment, so we are moving!! It is a newly renovated apartment that is much lighter than this one. There is even a window in the kitchen, yay! I'm so excited. We will move the 21 of December if everything goes as planned. Just in time for Christmas!
The whole last week I have continued to work with watercolours. It really is a tricky medium, but it is usually the unexpected effects and makes it so beautiful. I have always admired the artist who gets the brushstrokes down with one fluid motion. Because in watercolour what you put down on paper is what you get. You can not paint and rework your brush strokes until they are what you want... It is a totally different way of working from what I am used to. And it has already proven beneficial. I have always had the tendencies of overworking my paintings. Now I am learning to paint what I want in as few layers as possible. Next step is to apply the same way of thinking into my acrylic and oil paintings.

Female Peacock.…