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Finland, Finland, Finland...

Greetings from Finland. It feels so good being home! We have spent the first week with family, some well-needed quality time. And only one day on shore: we have spent the rest out in the archipelago. As my hubby says it: why spend time on shore and in the city when you can be out on the sea? And I totally agree!

I am definitely not a big city girl so you can imagine how it feels coming back to this place after another year in Shanghai...
10 o'clock at night.
This is just when the sun has gone down, and it looks like the horizon has disappeared and the islands are floating in mid-air!
Sunset over the sea.
For a few years now we have had a couple of White-tailed eagles nesting on the neighbour island, and they graciously sat a while where we could see them. They are impressive birds, but the seagulls and crows don't agree with me, they are endlessly harassing the poor eagles as soon as they move!
The weather has been amazing, with sun and close to 30 degrees every day. A very u…

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