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Ural owl in watercolours.

Is it odd to miss winter? Well, I do. As soon as that quicksilver start to climb up in the mid 30 degrees area I do long for the cooler days of winter. I never liked hot weather much, and especially not humid hot weather... Oh well. I only have to endure it for 2 months, and then I will spend a few weeks in Finland. I am already looking forward to go 'home'. And this time I want to get some nice landscape photos, so that I have more reference material to paint from. I do have quite a lot of photos from home, but I have never taken photos of the landscape with paintings in mind. And I think I would love to have that. So I have a plan for this summer!
But before any of that I have a watercolour to share with you today. I thought it would be fun to share the development of a painting from idea to the finished painting.
I was browsing through the free images on Pixabay and found this lovely Ural owl. I got an image of it in my head that I wanted to try out, and I did just that in…

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