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Magnolia paintings!

The weather is perfect right now. Between 22 and 26 degrees in the daytime. I am having my breakfast on the balcony every morning now, enjoying the warm air and cool breeze before the 'real' Shanghai summer heat sets in.
Tonight I am going to an exhibition opening here in Shanghai. It is an artist from Finland, and I am very curious as to what it will be. I will tell you all about it next week!
I have finally finished my first painting on canvas for this year, the first in a series of many to come.
Magnolia. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 30x24cm. I really enjoyed working on this one, so I am very hopeful for the rest of the paintings in this series!
Orchids. These will be white orchids with some pink on the petals. But this is so far as I have come now.
This magnolia is waiting for the last layers of oil on the petals. Only acrylic colours so far.
Branches are taking shape in this spring blossom painting.
And today's efforts. I have been filming the video that will go live t…

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