Watercolours and Beihai.

Happy New Chinese Year! It is the year of the dog starting today. We have been for a few days down south in Beihai (close to the border of Vietnam). My husband had a business trip and I went with him for once. We arrived back in Shanghai yesterday. Now it is a few days holiday as almost the whole country stands still during the new year celebration.

I had my watercolours with me to Beihai and painted a little in the hotel.
Peonies. Not super happy with the background. 
Barn owl. This I am happy with. The only thing I might go back and add is maybe a little purple in the background.
The crested tit is coming along nicely as well. The head is almost done.
And last, this weeks video. Something new. I filmed while I was in Beihai, and decided to film an art chat. The topic: are there any rules in art?

When is a painting finished?

I am trying to teach myself not to overwork my paintings. It is not easy. That is why it is both important and fun to take photos of my work in progress so that I can go back and see and learn when and where to stop. And if I find that I have already gone too far, it will be a lesson for the next painting. And then again from that to the next painting. I guess that is a question that many artists ask themselves, when is a painting finished? Or when is a stage in a painting finish and you should move on to the next stage?

Take this Raven painting as an example. Since last week I have painted I think 4 or 5 more layers on the background. Now when I looked back at last weeks blog post before starting to write today, I was like, "why did I not stop there?" Then again, it now has a more 'antique' feel to it, so I think it will work out in the end anyway.
Backgrounds for flowers. Here I have really tried not to put down too many layers. 
Here is a background that I am very…

Backgrounds and two loons.

I am slowly getting into a better working flow in my studio. One of the goals I set for 2018 was to get more work done. This means that I need a more structured daily routine in the studio. It is too easy to just 'float around': surfing the internet looking at other artists, reading, and so on. I guess that is the hazard of working alone at home. A breakfast that lasts 3 hours with several cups of tea and watching artists create on youtube is not unheard of...

So now I have made a monthly and a weekly plan for myself. Having deadlines have always helped me getting work done, it really seems to help when I have to check off things from a list.

This week has been a good week, and I have got quite a lot done. And the week isn't even over yet! It helps I guess that the changes my art is going through are really making me eager to create more.

As the title suggests, I have a lot of backgrounds going on. When I paint my backgrounds with acrylic they often need to dry a little be…

Snow in Shanghai and a magnolia painting.

Well, how about that. We got some snow yesterday, and the roofs are still white today. Apparently, it is the first time in 10 years that these small beautiful crystals have been falling here in Shanghai.

This was my view yesterday. I can honestly say that I did not venture out even once! 
Today it was clearer, but the snow still lingered. I don't think it will stay long though.
Friday. This week has passed like a blink of an eye. I have had my bestie to visit me for a week, and we have been running around the city, eaten well, played games and watched movies. So not much has happened in the studio. I did get my video done though, so here are some progress photos of a magnolia watercolour painting I filmed. I was not happy with the first version, so I decided to rework it. I liked the flowers and the colours of the background, but the way I painted it left it with a 'halo' around the edges of the petals that I did not like. My wet in wet technique still needs some working..…

Painting again

I am settling in in my new studio, and it feels good to be painting again. True, it is a little bit slow now in the beginning as always after a pause, but I'm getting there. I have been painting mostly in watercolour the last days, but I have had out both my acrylics and my oils.

The weather has been warmer with what feels like a warm wind from the south, but colder weather is due again next week.

I have also been spending quite a few hours designing a new website. It is coming along nicely, and I am very happy with the change to a new host. As soon as I have everything updated, I will give it a shout out so that you all can tell me what you think!

Now on to the artsy stuff from the last two weeks:

Two new abstract backgrounds. I felt like painting some small singing birds on these.
Two more of the same size, 20x20cm in the making. This time headshots of Mr and Mrs Peacock. Mr. has already gotten his first layer of oil.
Small wren in watercolour. Very simple design.
Long-tailed ti…

Welcome to my new studio and apartment!

This blog is all about the new apartment and my new studio! It feels so good to have everything unpacked and organized. Or not everything. I still want to change a few things in the kitchen, but I have requested to get 2 more shelves installed in 2 of the cupboards so I will organize everything after that has been done.

It is a 3 bedroom apartment, and one of the bedrooms is my new studio. For a full tour of the apartment, please watch this video:

Here I will post photos from the living room, and my studio:

First of: 2 photos of how it looked before we moved in.
It is a beautiful wooden floor with floor heating. And I am really starting to like these warm grey walls. 
And after I unpacked our things. 

The spare bedroom that is now my new studio.
And here it is all unpacked and ready!

I found a new use for our old wine rack- storage and drying place for my small paintings!

Happy New Year 2018!

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Creative and Blessed 2018. 
New year, new apartment, and tonight I will even have a new studio. The move went very well and I think it was my fastest one so far. The movers came 8:30 in the morning on the 21st of December, and by 12:30 in the afternoon everything was moved to the new apartment. Quite amazing, right?!

I had 2 days to unpack before we had guests coming to stay with us on for a week, and we had an amazing Christmas. Since we went home for a visit just before the holidays, we were able to bring back with us all our traditional Christmas food. So we had our first real traditional Christmas dinner in 7 years. It was so good, and amazing to be able to share with our friends.

The new apartment starts to feel like home now, and I think that as soon as I get my studio up and running, it will feel even more so. And that is my program for today. Organizing my new studio. First I will have to move everything out of the room so that I can cover the…