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Art journal

It has been a while since I last posted anything from my art journal. Now I have some good news to share. I participated in a competition for a new book by North Light Books about art journals, and when I was in Seoul I got the good news that 4 of my entries were chosen to be included in the book. The competition was Art Journal Kickstarter, and the book with all the winning entries will be published around christmas time. I am so happy, and so excited!

Here are the 4 pages from my art journal that will be included in the book:
Barn owl. Book pages, acrylic, watercolour and gouache.
Eurasian Tree sparrow. Acrylic, watercolour and gouache.
Eurasian Tree sparrow. Different papers and watercolour.
Light-vented Bulbul. Different paper, marker and watercolour.

Then on to some other pages from my art journal that I haven't shared here yet. This square journal is 19x19cm with quite heavy paper, and it is very nice to work in. It is an old journal with material I can't use anymore, s…

The beautiful city Seoul

Last week I visited Seoul in South Korea for a few days together with my friend Rain Slingerland. I was suppose to post some pictures from the trip right away when I came home, but I had some work to do first. As I told you briefly before I have been asked to write an article for an art magazine's e-news letter, and I started on a new painting to document and write a step-by-step article. I got the painting and text finished on Saturday, so yesterday I send it in. The article will be published online on June 5th, and I will give you all the details then. I am so excited about it, next step is to try and get an article published in an art magazine… Below is the painting I made for the article.

You are beautiful. Oil, acrylic and collage on canvas, 30x30cm. Light-vented bulbul. Reference picture my own.
So, then on to Seoul! Seoul is a beautiful and interesting city, a nice combination of old and new. The feel of the city and the people was much more western and less asian than China…

Why birds?

I have got the question "why do you paint birds?" quite a few times over the past few years, and my usual answer is; because I like birds and I have so many ideas I still want to try out. This is of course a short answer and not very informative. For those of you who have followed my blog know that I tell my stories more through a lot of pictures than with a lot of words.

Now however I thought it was time for me to elaborate a little bit more on the topic, and I am writing this post as much for my self as for you!

I have never been able to speak insightful or 'intelligently' about my work, the reasons for why, or my passions behind it all. Maybe because I have always been afraid that my reasons would be found lame, that I would sound naive and not be met as an serious artist. Well, I guess I don't care any more. I have to believe in myself as an artist if I want others to see me as an artist. And then it should not matter   how naive or corny I sound, because the…

Around here lately.

Now is the best time here in Rizhao. The weather is nice and warm (not yet hot! ), it has been sunny and everything is green and feels fresh.

Today we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the beautiful botanical garden of Rizhao and went for a picnic. I had made the finnish traditional 1 of may mead drink and crispy cookies, so we celebrated Valborg a few days late this year. Of course I forgot to take a picture when we started while there still would have been some light, so I only have this dark picture from just before we left back for home.

From the left is my friend Citte, her mother Helena, my husband's boss John and my husband.

Studio update:
I have so many paintings almost finished, that I did not know where to begin after my holiday in Spain. My solution? Start a new one. Or two, or three… =D  It is always the beginning of a new painting that is the most fun, deciding what kind of bird and what kind of atmosphere I want for the backgrounds… 
To be honest…