Monday, 25 January 2016

Packing and unpacking...

A short update: we moved in yesterday to our new apartment! I have been unpacking the whole day. I am almost done, so tomorrow I will start putting my studio together again.

All the packing done in the old apartment. Almost half of the boxes is filled with just my studio stuff…

An almost empty studio.

Our new living room in chaos.

Boxes everywhere...

And one of the guest bedrooms that will become my new studio!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Flying swans - art journal page.

My latest page in my big art journal: Flying swans! I got a few really nice photos of swans this last summer when I was home to Finland, and now I thought it is time to start making them into paintings. I had a few ideas on how I wanted to paint them, but it is not always that my ideas looks as good on canvas/paper as they do in my head, so I decided to try out a few compositions in my art journal. I have 2 so far:

This a swan painted with watercolour on watercolour paper, cut out and glued into my journal onto a gelli print.

Here the swans are made in the same way, but glued onto a background I painted with acrylic colous. I recorded the process of this so you can see it on YouTube:

Today is my last whole day in our 'old' apartment. I won't be painting much as I just got a whole bunch of moving boxes and will start packing! Tomorrow we are flying to Rizhao (where I lived before) to attend the new years party they are organizing with my husbands colleagues there. We'll be back on Saturday evening, and on Sunday at 09:30 the moving company will come and help us move! So, busy busy… =D 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

We're moving!

Yup, I have been house hunting for 2 weeks now, and I found a new apartment for us. We will be moving next sunday. Luckily it is not far, just a little bit further up the road. That means that we will only get a 5 min longer walk to our favorite small restaurant street and our gym. The new apartment is a little bit darker, but it is of much better quality. With better quality I mean no mould or moist problems. First I was really sad to have to move as I have really enjoyed this apartment, but now I no longer have to turn a blind eye to the mould problem here. I do not know for sure why they did not want to renew our lease contract, but I think they will be selling the apartment. 
I will do a house tour once we are settled in!

Then on to some artsy stuff:

Spread in my new big art journal. The pages are a little bit bigger than an A4 in size. The collage papers are gelli prints, the bird is painted with watercolor on watercolour paper, and the tree is painted with oil crayons.

I've made the art journal page with the bird I painted in my latest video, and I recorded this process as well. Link to the video below! Light-vented bulbul in my small square journal.

I also tried to make my own stencils. The swirly stencil is made with a heat glue gun, and the feather I cut out from a plastic sheet with a crafting knife. I would really want to find a stencil cutter (a small heat gun-knife or what to call it.)

More stencils, a brick wall and a stone wall. I can really see myself using these in my journals as a base for birds t sit on… =D 

This weeks video:

As I am new to YouTube and have only had my channel for 2 months, it is difficult in the beginning to get exposure. That is why I am so grateful to Catherine aka CeeCee on creationsceecee ( ) who did a shout out to a few new you tubers on her channel, and I was one of them. She is so kind and awesome! I have become a little addictive to watching art videos on YouTube lately...

Friday, 8 January 2016

Gelli plate and birds

A very happy, inspirational and healthy 2016 to all of you!!

So, our guests have flown back to Finland, and the normal everyday life resumes slowly around here. I started with making another short art video and tidying up the studio.

In my last post I showed you that I bought myself a Gelli plate for Christmas, and I have started playing with it a little. It is so much fun, but I still have a lot to learn!! Thankfully there is this wonderful place called youtube where other artists have uploaded videos of how to use the gelli plate, and I have been watching a lot of them to learn. You can get some amazing background patterns with this mono printing technique. Last time I did any printing at all was back in art university with the 'real' heavy old-fashion printers.

2 of my gelli prints with three new birds ready to go into my art journal.

I just took a few pictures with the birds where I'm trying them out on the different prints I made.

I need to buy some good quality paper for printing. Now in the beginning I have just used cheap copy paper, but it is a little too thin. I think I would like to try and paint on top of the print, but then a heavier and better quality paper is needed.

I also need to go out and gather some more leaves. This print is made with leaves I picked and dried last month, and I really like the effect it makes.

The possibilities are endless! I wonder if I could print straight onto a canvas as well with the gelli plate, and then stretch it onto a frame?!? Hmmmm. I need to do some research!

And last the video I mentioned in the beginning of this post: