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Pictures from the exhibition

Here are the pictures from my ongoing exhibition that I promised! I'm very slow in posting as I have spent almost all of my time out in the archipelago on our summer cottage, and electricity, internet and computers do not belong here… =D

My exhibition is on the second floor (in GB that would be first floor, maybe in the US as well? One up from ground floor that is...) of the Ekenäs Nature Centre, and I have to say that my birds feels right at home in a nature centre! The flying Barn owl is the first painting you see on the wall of the stairs going up to the exhibition space.
The lighting is not the best for taking pictures, but is very pleasant for viewing the paintings!

The exhibition will run at least to the end of September, so plenty of time to see it yet!!

And below is a picture of one of the things I have been doing out here at our summer cottage: Chopping wood! My husband took down several trees, and together with my family we have been carrying all the wood to the firewood…

Exhibition opens tomorrow!

So, surprise surprise: my 'next week' turned into 'in three weeks time'… My vacation became a vacation even from the internet, I have been in read only mode and it has been good!

My exhibition opens tomorrow!!

Above is my poster. Translated into english: ART EXHIBITION - Plumages. Then place and time =D  The exhibition will run until the 15th of September. Tomorrow I will be there in person between noon and 3pm, so welcome all who are nearby!! 
I will take some photos tomorrow to share with you!