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So now has our time ended in Rizhao. Our apartment is empty. Everything is packed and shipped away to the next step of our adventure, and the next stop is Shanghai! But first I am on my way home to Finland for a few weeks on vacation, and I am very much looking forward to it. Even if I am so happy for the change this move will make, it is also a little sad at the same time. We have had some great times in Rizhao, and I think I will have to write a post with my favorite moments. But thats for later, now I will board the plane home to Finland!

Empty and tidy
My studio in all its chaotic glory
My studio after shipping everything away, so boring and 'ordinary'...

Blog - hop!

Now it is Blog - hop time! I was asked to participate in this ongoing blog - hop, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do. Last Monday I was 'tagged' in an artist's blog, and today it is my turn to answer some questions about my art, and to link to three other artist's blogs who will continue the hop next Monday.
Minerva Levinston

The questions:
How does my creative process work?How does my work differ from others of its genre?What am I working on now?Why do you do what you do?How does my creative process work? For many years now I have almost exclusively been painting birds. And inspiration for painting birds I get every time I see them outside. I have two ways of approaching my paintings, or two ‘methods’. The first is when I have already decided what bird to paint and have the reference photo chosen and ready. Then I start to create an abstract background for that specific bird in mind. The other way is when I just start playing and experiment with colours and textu…

Exhibition info

I am participating in an exhibition with 9 other great bird artists in Gallery Karaija in Inkoo/Finland that starts Saturday 30th of August. I got the poster for the event a few days ago, so here it is: A huge welcome to each and everyone if you happen to be in the neighborhood!!

Eventful week behind me.

It has been an eventful week. We had some dear friends visiting us from Shanghai, me and my husband celebrate our 5th anniversary as a married couple, I designed and ordered new business cards and postcards, and we started sorting and packing up all our stuff. The time has finally come to move away from Rizhao. Our next destination will be to live in Shanghai for a few months. But first I have some paintings to finish for my upcoming exhibition this month in Gallery Karaija in Inkoo, Finland (opening  night will be on the 30th of August. More info coming in the end of this week!)  I am so looking forward to spend some time at home in Finland before continuing on the next chapter of our expat life abroad.

Here are the paintings I need to finish this week:
Luckily it is only the final layer missing, so I should do fine!
Then I have two new pages from my art journal that I haven't shared with you yet: the gull that inspired the painting above, painted from a photograph taken by my be…

Special merit award

I have the joy to share with you that my painting 'Evening lookout' won a special merit award from Light Space & Time online gallery, in their competition for the Animals Art exhibition of August 2014. That means that I will be included in their online exhibition on their website the whole month of August, and I can add a badge of 'special merit award' to my painting and in my bio. How great news isn't that? I am so happy and feel very encouraged!

Here are some selected screenshots from their announcement on their website, you can also visit the link here if you want to see the other artists great animal art: