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It actually snowed here 2 days ago! Enough for the ground to be white, but today everything has melted away. It was really nice to be able to at least once be outdoors walking with a nice snow-crunch under my feet! Picture from our window:

And the studio update: I finally have gotten to painting in a bird on one of my backgrounds. First layer of color is done, next update of this will be when it is finished. I have a lot of other backgrounds almost finished, but some of them I will have to redesign as my initial sketch for them worked well as a collage in my art-journal, but not so much as a painting. So, I have to continue experimenting until the 'magic' happens... :-)

Happy New 2013 everyone!!

Happy news, and Merry Christmas!

I got some very happy news with the e-mail a few days ago, an early x-mas present you can say...
I am one of the winners of a mixed media competition: 'Incite, Dreams realized' by F+W Media on North Light Books (Link ). One of my paintings will get published in their book 'The Best of Mixed Media' next autumn! The painting I contributed with was 'Beyond the dark forest'.

I am happy! And I want to leave you on this happy note and wish you all a Great Holiday, a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Christmas in Rizhao

Today I have some fun photos from around Rizhao. Christmas trees in all their Chinese glory!

Butterfly tree.

And then to end it all with some updates from the studio. I have here three paintings in progress:
This is stage one and two on the canvas of the painting I planned in my art journal (small picture bottom left)
Stage 1 & 2 of a small painting of the blue-tit from my art-journal (small picture bottom left)
Small painting that will be an Eurasian jay feather. Again stage 1 & 2, from my sketch in my art-journal  (small picture bottom left)
Have a beautiful day everyone!

Congratulations Finland - 95 years!

Our Christmas tree came out from its hiding place today in honor of the Finnish Independence day! We will have a small dinner at our place tonight, and although we can not watch the president's ball (as is usual the custom ;-) ), we will be able to eat some typical finnish food.  Welcome drink will be Glögg (Glühwine), and then we will feast upon pea-soup, sausage soup, and owen pancakes as dessert. I know, it does not sound like a party meal! But while living in China you even miss those weird food from home... ;-)

So, Happy Independence Day Finland!

Some studio update:
Two pages from my A5 art-journal. Planning, planning, planning and sketching...

And I have started to make some textured backgrounds on some small canvases. I will keep you updated on how they progress!

Art journal

I am  going to participate in an exhibition next August back home in Finland in the beautiful gallery Karaija in Ingå (Inkoo). I have started to work towards that exhibition, as I will need a lot more work than I currently have. There are many nice white walls to fill.... and as I paint quite small for the moment, I need many of them to do the place justice!

Today I share with you my latest art journal pages, where I am playing around with compositions and ideas for new paintings.

Mixed media, A4. I think it is a Gyrfalcon (jaktfalk), but I am not sure. I got some very nice photos of this falcon and some other predator birds at a falconry at Cardiff Castle while in UK.  I feel a little like a hypocrite with this: I really, REALLY do not like the idea of having birds in cages or  in captivity (or any wild animal), but I can not deny that it was wonderful to be able to stand so close to these beautiful birds and watch them! 

Mixed media, A4. Another composition with the same bird. I li…