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More pictures from Finland.

I know what my heaven look like.

Greetings from Finland.

Greetings from Finland. It is absolutely wonderful to be home. Sleeping and living on the boat, and enjoying the nature. I have not have time to start sketching yet, just been enjoying family time and the surroundings.

I leave you today with these few pictures from Finland, and a link to my latest video, so I hope you enjoy!

I woke up at 4 in the morning (jetlag) and this was my view.

Peonies in progress.

3 days until takeoff!! Yes indeed, on Saturday we will board the plane here in Shanghai, and get out in Helsinki approximately 9 hours later. I am very much looking forward to it!

It may be that my writing will become a little irregular while home. We will mainly be out in the archipelago with the boat, so 'internetting' will be at a minimum. I will have my sketchbook with me though, so there should be something artsy to share every now and again amongst all the nature and sea pictures.

In the studio I have been working on my commissions. I thought I would share the progress photos of one of them here today. Peonies.

Here you can see the background (painted in acrylics) with the first draft of the Peonies. The canvas is 50x50 cm. The colours are a little dark to see, but they are both more greenish and more beige than can be seen here on the screen. I thought that should be a nice colour combination with pale pink flowers. 
I wasn't happy with the previous composition of t…

A magpie amongst other things.

I have quite an eventful weekend behind me. One of my husbands colleagues who used to work with him in Rizhao is here in China for business, and he stayed with us over the weekend. Dinner,  drinks, catching up, running around town a bit... You get the picture. 
In 2 weeks time we will fly home to Finland for our annual holiday, and I have quite a long list of things I want to get done before that in the studio. Today I was able to cross over a few things as 'done'. Happy feeling!
All the paintings from the exhibition is back in my home, and today I varnished the ones that hadn't dried enough before. I use a satin varnish, and it gives the darker colours a real lift. 
Magpie. 40x30cm, mixed media. I can finally call this one done. I have been working on it on and of for a few years now, never satisfied with the result. I started over 5 times I think, and now it is finally done! This was a commission, and after it has dried completely I will send it to its new home in the U…