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Preparing for exhibition.

A few weeks have flown by again. A lot of things have happened. I've been on a short trip to The Netherlands to visit family and enjoying a wedding. I will do a post with lots of pictures after the opening day of my upcoming exhibition. I have finished the last paintings, and today I have been doing the last preparations. Adding hanging hooks, writing a list of the paintings, making a few frames, varnished the paintings and so on. I have to bring all the paintings to the gallery tomorrow, and the opening day is on Saturday! I'm very much looking forward to it!! I must remember to take a lot of pictures!
Multitasking: adding hanging hooks and writing the painting list.
Deciding on the last titles and checking that I have all the information correct.
Hanging hooks.
The paintings that are all done.
I gave the paintings that were dry a thin layer of varnish.
Spray painting frame backgrounds.

All done!
Trying out the new frames.

I ordered some new business cards. Don't they lo…


I have news about the upcoming exhibition I am participating in. I will exhibit with 4 other bird artists in Gallery Karaija in Ingå/Finland. The opening will be on August the 27th between 14:00-16:00. Everybody is more than welcome, and I would love to see you there!!


Today I have the whole day to myself, so I thought it was time that I update a few things on the internet. I promised you pictures from Åland, so here they are!

Åland (Ahvenanmaa in Finnish) is a big group of islands between Sweden and Finland. We went there a few years ago for the first time in our own boat, and this summer we wanted to do the trip again. We had absolutely lovely weather: sunny, warm and very little wind. 'We' are my brother with wife and daughter, my husbands nephew and then my husband and myself. 
We started just north east of Hangö were it says 'start', and we drove all the way to Mariehamn were it says 'finish'. It took us about 6 hours, but that includes a 2 hour stop at Kökar for lunch. We stayed in Mariehamn for 2 nights. 
Our boat, a Targa 31 build in 2002. 
Bengtskär, the biggest lighthouse in the nordic countries. The tower is 46 meter high.
As you can see we could not have wished for better weather!
The small harbour in K…