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New Orleans, Nawlin or Nola

This post is way overdue! I just didn't come around to go through my pictures from my trip to New Orleans until yesterday. And so yes, I went to New Orleans!!! I was there between the 8th and 18th of  this month. A very good friend of mine (another expat wife I got to know when we were both living in Rizhao) Rain invited me to join her to a trip to New Orleans. Of course I said yes... =D
It was a long trip getting there, but it was so so worth it! We had an absolute fabulous time together, and I would do it again anytime!!

New Orleans. Or 'Nawlins' and 'NOLA' as the local people call it. (NOLA= NewOrleans LouisianA) We lived in the old french quarters, the old heart of New Orleans. It was a very colourful experience. The city slept late in the morning and then came to life in the afternoon and evenings. There were music playing everywhere in the more 'famous' streets. It definitely is a city that you have to experience to believe. It is also a very colourfu…
It has been raining for a few days now, but the air is nice and warm. I actually enjoy this kind of weather. The only thing missing is some thunder claps and lightening… I am sitting here with a cup of tea, the balcony door open and a warm quilt on my knees while writing. 
Studio update:
This is a small 20x20cm canvas. Collage and acrylic on canvas. The first layer of acrylic is done on the bird, and it needs a few more layers before I can call it done. It looks a little bit funny without a beak, and I think that I need to adjust the position of the eyes a little bit as well. That is one of the great things with taking progress photos and see the work on the computer screen, you see it a little differently than staring at it in real life. You start to notice those small inaccuracies and can correct them. This little fella is a continental Long-tailed tit that I saw in Spain a couple of years ago. He was sitting high up on a telephone wire looking down at me trying to get a picture of…