Friday, 16 December 2016

New video on youtube!

I have been very busy the last week with editing all my video material, and now my first new video is uploaded to my you tube channel!! I have had an unplanned hiatus on my youtube channel, and it feels good to have something to upload again! I would be very happy if you checked it out and tell me what you think!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Flowers and snow...

Suddenly and unexpectedly I find myself in Finland! I needed to come home and find some documents. It feels great though to finally experience winter weather again. The crunch of snow under my feet, the cold against my cheeks, the frost that makes the trees look magical... Today all the snow has melted away, but they have promised minus degrees again for tomorrow. So if I'm lucky there will be more white days before I fly back to Shanghai in two weeks time.

I have finished most of the pages in my artjournal that I showed you in my last post. I also manage to film the process of all of them, so now I need to edit them so that I can upload them to my youtube channel.

All of these art journal pages are done with acrylic and watercolours and some collage elements. The journal is 18x18cm.

Cherry blossom. This became my favourite page of them all. I really like the background, and I think the blossoms looks lovely like this. This will definitely become a painting!

Magnolia. I am a little worried that this page feels a little like a wall paper. 

More magnolias.

This background started very colourful with a lot of green, but it was too busy so I covered it up with more brown. I like the vintage effect this resulted in!

The magnolias really have lovely lines, and I truly enjoy drawing them. I hope it will be as easy painting them as well. 

Orchid. Love the background. I am not as excited about the orchid though. They looked absolutely stunning in real life, but I don't seen to be able to paint them. I find orchids difficult to draw. 

And the last page. Another orchid. The pink was fun to paint, but I found it difficult to place it on a coloured background. Maybe it needs a creamy coloured  much lighter background. I need to experiment more!

Tomorrow is the 6th of December, and that is our independence day. So I end this post with wishing Finland a happy 99th 'birthday' !!