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Vietnam and Cambodia

A Happy New Rooster Year! 
Today I have a few selected pictures from Vietnam and Cambodia to share with you. I have a lot of pictures, and it was not easy choosing just a few. They will in no way give a satisfactory picture of these 2 awesome countries, but hopefully a small taste to inspire. We had a little less than 2 weeks for our vacation over christmas and new year, and we decided to see both Vietnam and Cambodia. We definitely want to go back and see more.
We started with Vietnam where we visited Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh (old Saigon). My first impression of Vietnam was that the Chinese influence in traditional architecture, decorations and old temples felt huge. The people and food were completely different though, and I would love to go back and visit some smaller towns along the coast. People were so kind, enthusiastic and just great. The food was excellent. I could honestly go back just for the food! Easy to say: we loved it there! Hanoi was busy and noisy. Scooters, laughter,…

Happy New Year!

Happy, creative and a blessed new year to every one!!!

2016 flew past at the same time that it felt like it lasted forever.... Thinking back I almost can't believe all the things I got to do and see...

- January: we moved apartment.
- February: we celebrated my dads birthday with my whole family in Thailand.
- March: studio time
- April: A 2 weeks trip to New Orleans!!
- May/June: studio time
- July: we spend a month in Finland almost exclusively living on our new boat.
- August: I visited The Netherlands and enjoyed a cousins wedding. I also had an Exhibition in Gallery Karaija in Inkoo (Finland). I also flew for a few days to Bergen in Norway to visit my cousin there and meet my new family member Lisanne, by the time only 4 weeks old!
- September: Back to Shanghai for a while. A 2 weeks trip to Singapore and Indonesia to visit my bestie.
- October: Tried to start getting something done in the studio again.
- November/December: Back in Finland for a few weeks, enjoying a little s…