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Exhibition up and running!

The opening of my exhibition 'Birds and people' together with sculptor Hillevi Latvalahti in Gallery Karaija on Saturday went very well. A lot of people came visiting, and it is always nice to hear compliments on ones work... ;-)

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera out of my purse, so I have no pictures from the opening night... My cousin did make a few photographs though, but until I get them I have some pictures from the hanging day to share with you!

Gallery Karaija is an old barn that have been renovated to house a Gallery and art shop. They specialize in nature and bird art, so it is a perfect surrounding for my paintings. All the walls in the exhibition part of the gallery were mine to fill, and the sculptor Hillevi Latvalahti placed her sculptures of birds and people on the 'tables' and in the window sills. I think that our works fit really well together.

The last wall to be filled with my paintings. The uneven wall was easy to hang paintings on, you didn&#…

Exhibition coming up!

My exhibition is coming nearer: the opening will be on Saturday 10th of August between 14-16! I am almost all set up and ready: I'm completing the index list of my paintings for the show, and finishing the frames for my paintings on canvas board.
We will be two artists showing together, Hillevi Latvalahti with sculptures of birds and people in ceramics, and my paintings. 

This is the poster for the exhibition, translation: Birds and people ceramics and paintings Welcome!

In my last post I had a photo of the paintings I wanted to finish for the exhibition, and I have been painting! Here are the last paintings to go into the show:

Autumn. Oil, acrylic and different paper on canvas, 30x40cm. With kind permission from Kelly (Shadow-and-Flame-86 on (Link)) for the use of her photograph.

Waiting. Oil, acrylic and different paper on canvas, 40x30cm. With kind permission from thrumyeye ( Link ) for the use of her photography as reference.
Lustrous. Oil, acrylic …