Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Spring in Wuxi

Greetings from Shanghai. I am back in China very convenient for the best time of the year here: Spring! Last weekend we travelled to the nearby city of Wuxi, which is a popular tourist attraction in springtime. Wuxi has several big parks, and the peak time is of course now when all the Sakura and other cherry-like trees start to blossom. I could have titeled this blog post simply 'pink' as well, so get ready for a lot of flower photos!

This is some kind of flower cabbage that the Chinese really like, and I have to admit that the colour of them is beautiful!

Wuxi is near a big lake, so inside the park we took a boat to a small island with several temples. The sea gulls were used to getting fed by the tourists, so they hovered just above us the whole way.

I got some really nice shots, so I got quite a few good reference photos!

Here you can see how close they came to us.

It was crowded. 

The trees had just started to blossom, so we were in fact a few days too early to see all the trees in full bloom. But t was beautiful non the less!

I think these are some kind of prayers. In one of the temple yards.

A huge statue of Lao Tse Tung.

Old fashioned boats. Here you can see how bad the air pollution is...

Did I mention that it was crowded already?!?

To wear the same hat is good so that you immediate see to which group you belong to.

And now we come to the flowers...

This simple 5-leafed cherry blossom is called Sakura.

Soem chinglish for you!

This girl was just so cute in her garden gnome outfit that I had to snap a picture of her.

That was it for today. Now I am inspired to paint some more flowers! =D

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Publications and stuff.

A month has flown by so fast I feel like I barely have had time to blink. The day after tomorrow I will be flying back home to Shanghai. The funeral of my father in law was held last Saturday, and we have spend almost all of our time together with the nearest family.

The last few days I have painted a little, so I have a few new things to show you:

Some kind of cherry blossom are taking form on this blue background. Only acrylic paint so far. As you ca see I have used very little collage material of late in my backgrounds. I have not abandoned all my ideas with collage papers, but for this series of paintings I am experimenting without collage materials. I do miss painting on the really smooth surface that paper gives me, so I think I need to find an alternative surface to paint on than canvas. Wood boards or something like that would probably be perfect, but then I have to think of the weight when transporting the paintings... 

These were suppose to be bluebells, but I decided to make them 'white bells'  instead against the blue background. I will maybe put in some pale purple details, but lets see. The background is painted with high flow acrylics, and the flowers in oil.

This background was made for a blue bird. I did not know it at first, but when I went through my reference library I found this little bird and I though, yup, thats it!

This is the kind of chaos I love.

This is something I have completely forgotten to show you, or even tell you I think... I was contacted a while back by North Light Books about being included in a book they were putting together. Of course I said yes... This is the book!

I am very proud of being included in this beautiful book. There are some really incredible art in it, and one of my favourite is next to my painting...

This is maybe not the painting I would have chosen for this book to represent me, but as they had chosen it I did not object.

Next up is this magazine. I participated in a mixed media competition they held last year, and I was one of the finalists. They even asked me if they could use my painting for the cover. Unfortunately for me they wanted to photograph the painting themselves, and as I had already sold the painting they had to choose another artwork.

The start of the article I am included in.

And the page were my painting is. The three musketeers. Every time I see this painting I want to paint more sparrows. They are such characters.

That was it for this time. My next post will be from Shanghai. I wish you all a beautiful day!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

On my desk today.

The snow has melted so it is grey and dark outside. My worktable is quite colourful in comparison... =D 

I decided for a coal tit on this background.

Detail. It is not often I use the colour pink, but for these cherry blossoms it is a must. Pink and brown go beautifully together I think.

Another detail from the same painting.

I think I forgot to include this magnolia painting in my last post. I am getting close to finish it.

This painting is also almost finished. One more layer of oil should do the trick.

This is a detail of a commission I am working on. Loving the colours!

I found a few old paintings from 2011 here at my parents house, and I thought I would rework them a little and fix the things that has bothered me about them. This kingfisher need a new background, and some adjustments to the shape of the head. Here I have started to paint over the background with white oil colour.

The old background is covered. I am not sure exactly how I will proceed, but I have a few days time to think about it while it is drying.

This is another old painting. The background was dark brown, and even if it was not 'bad', I wanted to give it some new life. I have also broaden the face as the eyes were a little too close together before. I think I need to broaden the beak a little as well, and the leg needs to be a little thicker. Small adjustments that I see now... When I am done with these I will do a 'before' and 'after' post.