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Merry Christmas!

In two days time, I will be back in Shanghai and that will mean moving time! I am so looking forward to this move to the new apartment, and I can't wait to get started. But before all that, here are the last Christmas cards I made for this year. By now I have already given out almost all of them.

These are all watercolour on paper.
Two night scenes with a dramatic sky. I really like these.
This is a very simple design. It is as they say that sometimes 'less is more'.
The last 2.
I do not know if I will have the time to write any more posts before Christmas, so Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and let it be a joyous time with family and friends!

More Christmas cards.

Today I have my second batch of Christmas cards to share with you. 4 cards with birds. 2 Bullfinches and 2 European Robins. Instead of making 4 different designs I decided to make just 2 and to colour them differently.

Here are all 4 of them.
Robin nr. 1. Very simple with no background.
Robin nr. 2.
Bullfinch nr. 1.
And my favourite of the bunch: Bullfinch nr. 2! I like the colours best in this one.
And last but not least: the video I made of making them!

Christmas cards in watercolours.

It's raining/snowing outside. Or something in between anyway. In any case, it is wet. It just turned 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and it is already dark outside. I had forgotten how dark it is here in Finland during the winter. But with fire, sauna and hot drinks it is very cosy!
So yes, we came to Finland yesterday. I will stay for a little more than a week, then I will fly for 10 days to Spain before returning to Shanghai. It will certainly be a busy month for me. I have already packed almost the whole apartment into boxes so that I am prepared for the move on the 21st of December after arriving back to Shanghai on the 20th... So we will enjoy Christmas in the new apartment!

Christmas cards. The last two weeks I have been painting quite a few Christmas cards and turned it into 3 videos for the month of December. The first video is already uploaded, and I am now editing the next 2 videos. They were all a joy to make, and I had a lot of fun making them. Below is the first batch…

New apartment and more watercolours.

I have found an apartment, so we are moving!! It is a newly renovated apartment that is much lighter than this one. There is even a window in the kitchen, yay! I'm so excited. We will move the 21 of December if everything goes as planned. Just in time for Christmas!
The whole last week I have continued to work with watercolours. It really is a tricky medium, but it is usually the unexpected effects and makes it so beautiful. I have always admired the artist who gets the brushstrokes down with one fluid motion. Because in watercolour what you put down on paper is what you get. You can not paint and rework your brush strokes until they are what you want... It is a totally different way of working from what I am used to. And it has already proven beneficial. I have always had the tendencies of overworking my paintings. Now I am learning to paint what I want in as few layers as possible. Next step is to apply the same way of thinking into my acrylic and oil paintings.

Female Peacock.…


I don't know what you think, but I myself am really liking the new look on my blog. There were a few new templates to choose from, and with the possibility to customize them a little I was able to create a design I liked. 
The autumn has arrived. The evenings are getting chilly and the leaves have finally decided to start falling. Still quite warm during the day though.
I have not got as much painting done as I would have wished this past week. Although I have a good reason for it, as I have been running around Shanghai looking at new apartments. I would like to move to a brighter apartment. Our current apartment is very good, but also quite dark. We only have windows on one side of the apartment, and as I am working from home it would be nice with a lighter apartment that doesn't turn totally dark as soon as the rain clouds roll in... Anyway, I will keep you posted if and when we move!
Watercolours. I have been playing around with watercolours this week. Mostly wet in wet tech…

New look and new art.

I have my computer back. It had to go to the apple doctor due to some weird lines appearing on the screen, but is now back in order. They were first talking about changing something in the computer itself, in the 'machinery' to use a very technical term... But it appears they changed the screen instead.

 It is quite frightening how handicapped I felt without my computer. All my reference material, all my pictures of my art, and so on and so on. I really need to start saving the material I need and often use for my art on an external drive. That way, if I ever find myself without my own computer again, I still have access to all my files. I do have my backup disk of course, but I think I need to organize an external disk that I keep updated with the essentials that can be used on any computer.


I am going to change the way my blog looks. And my website. I am actually looking into changing the host of my website. For the moment I have my website with It is ve…

Back in the studio!

It's been a while... While I was home in Finland earlier this autumn I actually remembered to write, but since I came back to Shanghai I have only sat down once behind the computer and opened my blog. Today was my first day back working in the studio since the summer, so I thought it was time to also start and update all the normal social media I am sharing my artwork on. I have had a productive day with filming, editing, painting and now writing.

So, what have I been up to? Well, after my last post my bestie came to visit me for a week in Shanghai, and then I followed her to Indonesia where I stayed for 2 weeks. First, we spend one week in Bali at a friend's house, and then one week on Sumatra where she lives. We had an absolutely lovely time like we always have...

Back in Shanghai, I was babysitting a puppy for a couple of weeks. That 6 months old border collie took all my energy. He was not yet fully house trained, and clearly developed abandonment issues being 'left…

A Goosander with chicks and Shanghai.

35 degrees outside today. Apparently I left autumn behind me in Finland, so yup, I'm back in Shanghai. I will not start working yet for another 2 weeks at least though, because I have a friend coming to stay with me for a week and then we will go and do some travelling together in Indonesia. I am very much looking forward to it! I love to travel, and what better way to travel than with your bestie?

I was quite sad to leave Finland. The autumn is my favourite time of year. In Finland that is. The air gets chilly and smells amazing, the leaves turn colour, the mushrooms are waiting to get picked, and so on. Oh well, next year again! I am editing a movie with all the small videos I took while home, so next week I should be able to share 'my' Finland with you! It is actually quite fitting since we are celebrating 100 years of independence this year... :-)

I did manage to finish one painting while in Finland, a Goosander ( Common Merganser in North America). Without much more …

Mushroom picking on a sunny day.

My hubby is back in Shanghai, and I still have about 2 weeks left in Finland. So, what do I do?
Well, today I went mushroom picking with mom! It was a glorious sunny summer day today, so walking through the forest looking for the elusive golden chanterelles was very enjoyable!

Chanterelles likes it quite moist and sunny, so this is the kind of forest you need to look for.

And we found some. Not many, but enough to give some flavour for the evening dinner. Please note the yellow birch leaves, very confusing when trying to find yellow mushrooms...
This picture is a little out of focus, but look what a perfect chanterelle!
I also found a perfect birds nest, but due to de-foresting I found it on the ground. The birds need to find a new tree when they come back next year.
A few of our normal mushroom picking sites looked like this when we came today. Not very inspiring, if I am honest.
Luckily they had planted both new furs and pines, so in 20-50 years time there will be a new nice forest …

Watercolour and Pied Fly-catcher.

August. Where did July go? We have been home for 3 weeks now, and the days have just flown past. Family gatherings, being out with the boat, crayfish party, Toto concert, lumberjack duties around the summer cottage, etc. etc. I guess I do not actually have to wonder why the time has flown past, we have been busy!
Yesterday was the first day I had no other program, so I took out my sketch bag and painted a little. I also had a small visitor/patient. He/She flew against the window here on the terrace where I am sitting. I lifted it up on the fence and gave it some time to recover.  Luckily it took flight and disappeared into the forest about half an hour later.

Painting on the terrace table.
Watercolour. If you remember my photos from last post you will recognise this view.
My visitor/patient. A juvenile (female?) Pied Fly-catcher. (at least I think it is)
She flew against the window, but luckily only got a minor concussion, because she recovered and flew away a while later.
I will leav…