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Greetings from China! 2 months in Finland went past far too fast. But I guess that is the case anytime one is really enjoying oneself. I spend a few days in The Netherlands visiting family (pictures of that still to come...), then I also spend a few days in Norway visiting my cousin. A few days out on the summer cottage, in the forest picking mushrooms, preparing for the exhibition, visiting with friends, and... Well. Then it was time to fly back to Shanghai. I cleaned the house from the dust that had settled while we were away and rearranged the studio. Now I have been a few days in Beihai (on the south west coast of China). My husband is visiting a mill here for work and I accompanied him.

I have not been keeping up with my blog while in Finland, so now I have a lot of pictures that I have in queue to share with you. Today I thought I would start with all the finished painting that I haven't posted here yet:

Awake. Mixed media on canvas, 40x30cm. Barn owl reference with kind perm…

Opening day of exhibition.

The opening of 'my' exhibition was a week ago on Saturday. It was a beautiful and sunny day, and quite a lot of people came to visit. Thank you all to my friends who showed up and made it a memorable day!
The exhibition is held in Gallery Karaija in Inkoo, a small town in the south of Finland. I am exhibiting together with 4 other artists, who all have been painting birds for this exhibition. It is called 'On the wings of birds'. The exhibition will continue until the 18th of this month. The other artists are:

- Hanna Aalto
- Kristiina Koskimies-Soininen
- Minna Pyykkö
- Pirjo Tikkinen

Instead of showing you a lot of pictures here, I will share with you a short video I made of the gallery, the exhibition and of the opening day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!