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Misty morning

This is what I woke up to this morning. Mist so thick I could hardly see the next building... 3rd day in a row now, but I have not seen it this thick before!

My painting corner as it looks like for the moment. I have some new backgrounds that I am experimenting with. A lot of blue going on...

A small fluffed up blue tit in its first stage of just white paint:

Here is the background from last post, I decided to go for a bullfinch on it. It will be more visible once I start painting in the red colors.

And then some more pages from my art journals:
Art journal A5: Barnowl. Watercolour, gouache and collage.
Art journal A5, Red cardinal. Watercolour and collage.
Art journal A4, Barnowl. Watercolour, gouache, acrylic and collage.

New painting and exhibition info!

I finally got my first painting finished for this year! I have forgotten how many times I have change the design for this one, and how many layers there are, but at least now it is done. And I'm quite happy with it as well. I like how it looks like you are seeing the bird from inside a tree trunk, and the texture is quite nice in real life as well. I'm sorry for all the self-love here, but I'm just so happy how this turned out and that I finally finished a painting... ;-)

'You are so beautiful to my eyes', 25x17 cm. Underpainting in acrylic on different papers, and then oil. The title is a translation of the swedish song title in the background.

Next background that I have and have not posted before, is the one below. This has also gone through some heavy changes. I first painted a pair of blackbirds on it, but decided that the canvas was too small for the design I wanted. So I erased the birds and gave the background some new layers. I think I will keep the colou…

Fireworks, website and progress.

Our Chinese New Year Party went very well last week. A lot of food and a lot of fireworks! We were busy firing for quite some time, and what noise we made!!! Below a picture of our firework tower:

And then some studio updates.  I have been working on my website last week. I thought it needed some modifications and I am much happier with it now. After personalize this blog a while ago, I wanted to do the same with my website. This way they have the same look, and it is no more just boring black... If you have the time, please visit my website and have a look and leave a comment on what you think of it!

Before my trip to Bali I told you about how I wasn't at all that pleased with some of my paintings and experiments. Now I have tweaked some of them, and here is the result:
I thought that the background on this robin was WAY too busy, even if I did like the colors. So I took my trusty sandpaper and erased all the elements that were too much. I then add…

Bali 2

I realized that I forgot to mention the bird and reptile park we visited close to Ubud. I had read some about the birds of Bali, and there were a few species that I wanted to see. I was very glad to discover that they had a bird park, and in there I saw the one bird I really wanted to see, but never did see in the wild around Bali. It is a white Starling that only lives on Bali.

Bali starling. It was a beautiful bird park, and I got some new material to paint from...

Blue and gold macaw. This one just did not stay still! I wanted to take a close up photo of his feathers, they were such a beautiful blue hue. But every time I came near he just tried to climb up on me... So this is about the best shot I got...

In addition to the bird park they also had a reptile park. Not as well kept as the bird part, but nice non the less. Sam fed this beauty of almost 3 meters with a live chicken.

Ok, then on to the diving. Before leaving for Bali we booked our dives at Bali Diving for a day at Tulamb…

Greetings from Bali!

We are back home again after our two weeks holiday to Bali. It took me a few days to come around and organize all my photos from the trip, but now thats done, I can write my next post!
So, Saturday 19 January we left China, changed plane in Seoul and flew to Denpasar, Bali. We arrived early Sunday morning (02.00). We had booked a hotel in Kuta, just 15 minutes drive from the airport. It was Hard Rock Hotel, and we liked it so much that we decided to stay there the whole holiday. 
The weather was warm, around +30 degrees celsius everyday, and humid. Kuta is a small town that have grown quite a lot in the last decade, and it has become the tourist - centre of Bali. Totally filled with Australians, even if it now was low season...
We did not have that many plans for our holiday, relaxation was the main goal! We did however do a few trips around the Island, and the main impression of Bali is that I would warmly recommend it for others!
Some of the things we did and saw: - Met my cousin L…