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Art journal pages and paintings

Greeting from a sunny and hot Phuket! We came yesterday and will be here the whole week. A short vacation with my whole family. My parents and my two brothers with family are all here for some quality time together. I will take photos, so next week you can expect a post with photos from this sunny part of the world.

Today I wanted to share a studio update with you.

Page from my big art-journal. Eurasian eagle owl. Acrylic and watercolour.  Photo reference with kind permission from Crystal Stacey. 
Page from my small journal. Collage, acrylic and watercolour. Photo reference with kind permission from Crystal Stacey.  I am planning a few small paintings inspired by this page. It will be 4 'headshots' with birds of prey. I have started painting on 4 small 20x20 canvases, and the backgrounds are almost finished.
Wind in the reeds. Collage and acrylic on canvas. This one is finished, next step is to start on a birds.
Gold. I do not know if this one is finished yet.

Outing to Qibao

Happy Chinese New Year! This year it is the year of the monkey. The city centre is almost deserted, and it feels really weird with empty streets in a 20-odd million populated city. The actual new year's eve was on Sunday, and yesterday was the first day of the new year.  Everyone is traveling to their home towns to visit family during this holiday. Or visiting famous tourist attractions, as we learned today. We went to Qibao for lunch, an old street in the outskirts of Shanghai. It is famous for having preserved some old houses by the river, and is today filled with small restaurants and souvenir shops. We did not see so many of them today though, as the narrow streets were absolutely packed, and I mean Packed, with people! There was only one way of sightseeing and that was to follow the stream…

This was the entrance to the old streets of Qibao. 
Chinese new year was maybe the wrong time to visit this attraction, but at the same time is what quiet fun!
Traditional Chinese shoes wi…

New apartment and studio tour!

Yup, we have a beautiful sunny day today so I thought it is time to do the tour of our new apartment and my new studio as promised!

Living room with balcony. 
The other way.
Now I stand with my back to the balcony, and the door straight ahead is where you come into the apartment. There is a closet to the left of the door, and the kitchen is to the right behind the glass. The box is waiting to be picked up today, extra bedclothes and such that belonged to the apartment that we do not need.
Dining area. And on the wall you can see one of my own prints that I had made.
A nice big mirror, and here you can also see into my new studio.

In to the right you have my studio and straight ahead you have our bedroom. You can not see the door to the guest bedroom, but it is to the left just before our bedroom, and then the bathroom is the door to the left by the standing vase.
Kitchen. Long and narrow as they often are here in China, but this kitchen actually has proper cupboards and storage space …