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This post was suppose to be about being a tourist in Shanghai. But as I yet need to go through all of my photos I have taken in the last 2 weeks, I will post my latest finished painting instead.

I give you 'Barnie': Acrylic and oil on canvas, 30x30cm. Reference photo my own. I struggled with the claws, but they became alright in the end, luckily. I find the feathers of barn owls a challenge to paint. I guess I just have to paint a few more until it becomes easier. I do love their colors, some are almost totally white like this one, and some are almost totally golden… Beautiful birds!!

So, now I need to finish sorting all of my Shanghai pictures, and write again soon!

First paintings done in new studio.

So, I have some new paintings to share, all done in my new studio! It is a very dark and rainy day today, so the pictures I took of my paintings are a little of in colours.

Autumn song. Acrylic, oil, different papers and leaves on canvas, 25x25cm. This is an eurasian treecreeper that I was able to take a picture of in Spain some time ago. I was lucky to spot it, it has such great camouflage colours!
Rembrant. Acrylic, modelling paste and oil on canvas, 30x30cm. Reference photo with thanks to Sooper-Deviant on Black-capped chickadee.
The song of the sailor. Acrylic, oil, and different papers on canvas. 25x25cm. This was a White wagtail that kept watch over us and our bay at the summer cottage.
Evening ponderings. Acrylic, oil and different papers on canvas, 25x25cm. The same wagtail as above.
Now I'm of to finish Barnie the sleeping owl. He is almost done, only some details left on the claws and some feathers that needs some finishing touches. 

Bird song and sun!

It is so peaceful here. The birds are singing outside, and the sun is shining. Even if I am living in the middle of Shanghai, the outside world seems distance right now. A good day for painting!

I took some pictures from our new apartment today:

Living room. A big comfy couch, even if it is black… The door is to the right, and the studio and bedrooms to the left from here. And into the light is the balcony.

View from the living room to the dining room and kitchen. Behind the dining room is a small 'indoor' balcony with washing machine and dry rack.

The balcony. I ate my lunch out there today enjoying the sun. As soon as it gets a little warmer I will drink my morning tea out there...

View from balcony to the east.

Closeup of the garden and the lake in our compound.

View to south-west and down. Now you understand the bird song. In the busy Shanghai a small garden like this is a sanctuary for the birds!

And on my desk today. I have many new paintings on the go now, so more pictu…