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New apartment and NEW STUDIO!!

We found an apartment both me and my hubby really like, and since my last post we have moved in and I have got almost everything organized how I want it. I also had time to spend the Chinese new year in Rizhao, but now I'm back in Shanghai again and ready to start working in my new studio!

You can't believe how thrilled I am over my new work space! It is bigger, lighter and I feel happy just being in here!

My first cuppa tea in the studio while covering up the floor. The view is maybe not that inspiring, but the window is big and is letting in a lot of daylight!
I don't want to ruin the floor with paint splatters, so I covered it up with a sturdy plastic and cardboard boxes. I then used packing tape to seal the edges and voila: I have a floor I can be really messy on without staining the floor!
When the floor was done I moved in and started emptying my moving boxes.
We bought a bookshelf from Ikea to hold all my art books and journal. The white table belongs to the apartme…