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Youtube videos and Robin update.

Happy easter everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We spent ours doing nothing but watched movies and enjoyed good food.

Today I have a few updates to share with you and first up is a Robin:

I showed you the progress photos of this painting in my previous post, and now the bird has appeared! I  started to paint the Robin with acrylics, and I had planned to finish it with acrylics. But then I changed my mind and I changed to oil as I usually do. Now the first layer of oil is dry, so one more layer to go before I call it finished! I do need to practice more with painting birds in acrylic. They dry so much faster and I would that way be able to finish a bird in one go. But it is also the fast drying time of acrylics that gives me trouble. So I am a little of two minds about the whole thing at the moment. 
My desk today. I am filming the next project for my Youtube channel. 
It is a small 20x20cm canvas. I am writing this while waiting for the collage background to dry so that…

Studio update.

Hi everyone! Here I am with an update, finally! I'm sorry I have been neglecting this blog, but between a week in Thailand, having a bad flue and then playing catch up in the studio, writing became something "I'll do tomorrow" =D

Thailand was beautiful with great people, food and with even more amazing quality time with my whole family. We went on a boat trip, rented scooters, saw the elephants and visited the bird park amongst other things, but most of the time we spent lazily by and in the pool. In the evenings we tried out the local food in different places. In total it was idyllic and quite perfect!

Studio update: I have a couple of new art journal pages, and a few new paintings in progress to share with you!

Page from my big art journal, acrylic and a little bit of collage. Barn owl reference by Chris Allsebrook from the Facebook group 'Photos for artists'. Previously I have most often painted the birds separately on water colour paper with water colour,…