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I'm back! Finland in pictures.

November. Soon December. Time flies, so fast! I am back in China, and I am now living in Shanghai. There is so much that has happened since last I wrote, that I do not know where to start. That is also the reason why I have been procrastinating with a thousand other things than opening the blog and start writing. But I have by now organized all my photos from my visit home to Finland (just a few thousands photos ;-) ) and I have unpacked all of our stuff in the new apartment here in Shanghai. So, writing time!
Let’s start where we left of, shall we?
After emptying our apartment in Rizhao, I flew home to Finland to visit family and friends. I spend almost 2 month at home, and for the first time in 4 years I was able to enjoy a glorious autumn. A full on coloured autumn with rain and sun and cold clean ‘high’ air. My husband joined me for 3 weeks, and we spend almost all of that time out in the archipelago with the boat.
The details of what I did when is not important, so here are the hig…