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Pics from my studio today

I thought I would document my studio today, in all its glorious chaos!

1 week has flown by so fast...

I can not believe that one more week has gone by. I really do not understand how the time just seems to fly… Today I will share with you some snapshots from the week. They were almost all taken with just my camera phone, so not the best of quality I'm afraid. This is an average week in my life here in China, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised that the time flies… =D

This is a tea house where my friend Rain is selling her jewelry, and the owner is such a kind lady that always treats us with her best tea while visiting.
Elephants and lucky boats made out of Pu-er tea, a light fermented pressed green tea that just like wine and whiskey gets better with age.
The lovely Rain Slingerland and her display of jewelry at the tea house. She just created a Facebook page for her jewelry, and tomorrow I will help her take some photos of her recent work. I know that you are more than welcome to visit her page at: Rain's custom jewellery
Saturday was playing night for the papermakers at Hu…

Blue details from the studio.

The last few days I have been working on backgrounds. I wanted to get my hands dirty and just play. Today however it is time to get going with the half finished paintings I have and get the final details done on a few birds. I have also included some detail pictures from two of the paintings.

I always listen to something while I paint; our local radio channel from home, music or audio books. A few days ago I found a new band from Iceland, Árstíðir, and if you like folk music and beautiful male voices, I highly recommend them! My audio book playing now is the trilogy 'The deed of Paksenarrion' by Elizabeth Moon. Time just flies when you are listening to something good! 
Today I finally got a good picture from this new painting that I already posted on Facebook. Now I can also post it on my website, and upload it to Society6 for prints and phone cases. I call it 'Evening lookout', and it is an Azure-winged magpie painted from my own reference photo. 30x30cm, acrylic, oil…

Step-by-step demonstration

I told you earlier that I had been asked to do a step-by-step demonstration for an article, and now it is out and published! It is a bonus features E-newsletter for the Painters-Online, the website for Leisure Painter and The Artist magazines based in the UK.

Here is the link to the whole article online where I together with several other artists speaks about our art:

But as it now is out, I thought I would share my part of it here as well!
Jenny Moed-Korpela Step-by-step article for Painters-online, May 2014
Nature and wildlife has always been the most important inspiration for my art. My ongoing passion for painting birds started when I was a girl at my grandmother’s kitchen table where we would sit and watch the birds at the birdfeeder outside the window while drinking tea. Birds have fascinated me ever since with their different…

Beijing - funny bits and pieces in red

Last weekend we were invited to a wedding in Beijing. It was one of my hubbies colleagues from ABB who tied the not, and we were honored to be invited. The ceremony was held outside in a park, and the dinner in a nearby restaurant. Altogether about 400 guests, and we were the only foreigners. It is the biggest wedding I have ever attend to. I will write a separate post on the weddings I have been to here in China with pictures later.

Today I have nothing important at all to share, just some funny pictures I took from an art gallery area near the hotel where we were staying at in Beijing. It was the Art 798, an old mill that have been converted to artists galleries and shops. While walking there I saw odd red things and sculptures everywhere, and I started taking photos of them. It made quiet a fun collection, so I thought I would share it with you!

First of: the most interesting thing in the whole exhibition area. Flowers made out of copper and casting beautiful shadows.
798 Beijing.