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Greetings from Japan and Beijing!

Well, as the caption says: greetings from Japan and Beijing! We have had family visiting from Finland, and after that some friends from Shanghai, so there has been a 3 weeks break from the studio for me!

My husbands Uncle and Aunt were here for two weeks, and during that time we had time to explore quite a bit. I showed them around our hometown here in China, and then we continued with a long weekend in Japan and 4 days in Beijing.

I loved Japan. I would love to go back there for a longer stay and see more. The difference between China and Japan is huge! Their artifacts and art, architecture and so on are very similar but my is the people themselves different! It felt like coming to civilization. It was clean, orderly, quiet and the air was fresh. I joke not, it felt like coming from chaos to order. No spitting, no shouting, no honking, everybody lined up orderly for the queue, everybody cleaned up after themselves and sorted their trash in the right bin, and there were nowhere any tr…