Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Almost done and done!

So. I am a little behind in my painting schedule. It's not a huge deal, it just mean that I won't have as many paintings as I had planned for my exhibition. I will still have about 20 paintings, and it should be a good amount of the walls of the gallery. 

The spring is over, and summer is here. They have promised 28 degrees for the weekend... 

My desk with many 'almost done' paintings on the walls. 

Barn owl with some gold leaf. I have been spending too much time on this one instead of finish my other paintings, but I can't seem to help myself. I want to finish this one too... A few more details and it should be done!

Magnolia. Mixed media on canvas, 25x25cm. This one is done and done! ☺️

Another magnolia that is done. Same size. Acrylic and oil on canvas.

Landing egret. This one is one of the 'almost done'. Just a few details that need attending and then I can sign it. Love the colours in this one. 

This one I do not know if I will have time to finish, but I will try. Common kingfisher. Very similar to what I have painted before. The gallery owner where I will have my exhibition liked my previous kingfisher painting so much that she bought it for herself. If it was appealing to her, I hope it would be appealing to other potential buyers as well...

Another kingfisher. This should be only one layer from being complete. They really are just like jewels, aren't they? 

A peacock in my artjournal. I was trying out a composition in my journal for one of my planned paintings.

These are 2 backgrounds that I want to paint peacocks on. They became a little more to even in colour from my original idea, but I had so much fun layering that I had a hard time stopping in time. I still think that they will work though. 50x50cm.

A closeup. Here you can see the raised design I put on it. Modelling paste through a stencil.

Next week I hope to have a few more finished painting to share with you!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Petals and feathers.

Yup, petals and feathers in layers. Many layers...

This magnolia painting is almost finished. A few adjustments needed on the petals and then I need to finish of the branches.

The heron has gotten one more layer of paint. Next time I work on this one I have to lengthen the beak a little bit.

This is todays work. I had one more background like the one of the heron, and first I had planned to paint another flying heron it. But then I found this barn owl, and I am sold!

It is actually very nice painting so small. The canvas is 30x30cm, so the owl measures maybe 15cm. Much less details needed, suggestions are enough. I'm in love with this colour combination.

Great crested grebe. This painting is a little bigger, 50x50cm. I painted the first layer of the bird today. There are a few things I see now that I need to adjust. Sometimes it can be really useful to take photos of your work in progress and see it on the screen. 

It was a good day in the studio today. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be as good! 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Sun, new birds and magnolias.

The weather has improved quite a bit, and after several days of  rain we had some sun today. I enjoyed a few hours of surprisingly nice air on the balcony this morning. I'm hoping to be able to do the same tomorrow. 

It has been a slow week in the studio, but I still have a few new things to share with you. The flying swan became the first in a series of paintings it seems. I am really enjoying making these backgrounds. I like the element of surprise, since you can not totally control how paint and water will flow with this technique. Diluting acrylic paint this much with water will compromise the binding in the paint, even if I add flow-aid. This means that I have to seal the paint with acrylic medium in-between layers. I like the effect though.

Flying heron. The first blocking in of the bird is done. Next will be to add the finer details to the bird.

Landing egret. I mentioned in my last post that all my canvases seems to turn out blue lately. Well, here I tried to add a new green (dark sap green) to get a little variation. I might ad that I after this experiment went ahead and added this green to many of my other ongoing backgrounds in different stages. It just is so beautiful together with the blue. And it sets of the white egret quite beautifully too... First layer of the bird done, now a few more layers to go.

Magnolias. I struggled with the composition of the flowers in this one. I am still not totally sure, but I think that after I get the branches in I will be able to lead the eye around the canvas in a pleasing way. I wonder if I painted the flowers too big for the composition I had in mind? Oh well, I will just paint another one and continue experiment until I get it just right! There would be no learning from experimenting if we did everything perfect on the first go, now would there... ;-)

This is one of my experiments that is coming along nicely.  I have lost count of how many layers there is. But I am getting nearer now. More magnolias I think on this one. A lot of dark branches and then a couple of flowers. 

Two almost finished backgrounds that are waiting for kingfishers.

My corner on the balcony. A very happy place today.

Last and not least; this weeks video. Planning one of the kingfisher paintings in my artjournal.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Studio update.

I was wondering about titles for this blogpost. I thought for awhile, but all I could come up with was 'Studio update'. It is very accurate, but it also becomes a little bit boring after using it so many times. Then again, that is what most of my posts are about...  'Art journal page and finished painting' sounds more like a description than a title. Oh well, words and writing has never been my strongest side, but I guess that's why I usually try and tell my stories with pictures instead. 

Looking around my studio I can only conclude that I am in a blue period. Bluer than before, that is. All my backgrounds that I have started have a blue base of some kind. I do add different earth colours to most of them after the first two or three layers, but most of them are simply blue. It will give them a common theme if nothing else... 

A new page in my art journal. I did film this process, so I have a video of it for you:

A flying egret almost finished. One more layer of oil to the bird should do it. And legs. For some reason I always leave the legs for last...

I went shopping the other day, and one of the things I needed was new canvases. I have already given them all two coats of gesso.

I also found these water buckets with brush holders on my shopping spree. Aren't the colours just lovely?

As I have already posted on my Facebook page and Instagram, finding inspiration in my art journal for a new painting.

And last out I have a new painting for you: Blue rain. (Thank you cousin Linda for suggesting the title for it!) The only thing I still need to do is to sign it! Acrylic and oil on canvas, 35x45 cm.

I hope next week to have new finished painting to share with you! Until then!