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3 days until take of!

3 days until take of! Very early Friday morning we will leave for the airport, and then it is bye bye Shanghai for 2 months. It will feel so good to walk on Finnish soil again and breathe fresh air.

I did not get all the paintings done that I wanted, I think I got a little carried away with ideas... I guess that is a little how inspiration works. First I had zero inspiration and few ideas even if I knew I 'had' to paint for the upcoming exhibition in August. Then when a whole years time to prepare turned into 6 months and less, I suddenly got a lot of inspiration while working and more and more ideas. Greedy as I am I started as many of them as possible... So now I have 7 paintings still in progress that I am planning to take home with me, together with the 16 (I think) finished ones. The exhibition will take place in the end of August, so in reality I still have almost 2 months time to finish them.

No title for these flying swans yet. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 30x60cm. They …

Earth colours.

It is getting hot outside. The last several days the temperature has reach over 30 degrees. The AC is very much my friend right now! 

'Ut i det fri' (Outdoors) Acrylic, oil and collage on canvas. 25x25cm. Nuthatch reference with kind permission from Russ Bridges from the FB group 'Photos for artists'. First I was not all too pleased with how the background was coming along on this one, but as soon as I added the splatters and the stencil I started to like it. Now after painting the nuthatch I am very happy with how it turned out.
Today I have been working on the two blackbirds. Black is not an easy colour to paint. In the reference photo the blackbird looks almost blue. I have taken the liberty of adding purple to the mix, to set it of nicely against the yellow and brown background.
Almost done. I have to wait for it to dry before adding the last refining details. I think I need to add a leg as well, as it now looks like it is floating above the tree stub. The photo i…

50 shades of blue...

In a little bit more than 2 weeks we will be flying home to Finland. My husband can only stay for a shorter time as he then has to return to work, but I will stay for two whole months! It has been a year since I was home last, so I am really looking forward to it! Meet up with family and friends, breathe clean air, go out on the sea, and eat all the things I have missed.

My palette is getting messy. When I travel home I will paint it white so that I can start to mess it up again when I come back to my Shanghai studio.
Small brushes have been a lot in use the last few weeks.
The second kingfisher is done: Jewel 2. Acrylic and oil on canvas board, 28x22cm. Bird reference with kind permission from Peter Skillen from the Facebook group 'photos for artists'. I really enjoyed painting this one, and so far it is my husband's favourite.
Swan. I have no name for this one yet. Acrylic and oil on a 20x30cm canvas. The fluid acrylics I used for the background was a joy to work with.

I love blue.

The main theme of this years paintings seems to be blue and brown. When it comes to paint I just love to use a lot of blues and browns!
The first of the two Kingfishers are done. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 28x22 cm. Reference photo with kind permission from Peter Skillen from the FB group 'photos for artists'. I really like how the colours  stand out against the black in the background.
Wren. Acrylic, oil and collage on a 18x13cm canvas board. Photo reference with kind permission again from Peter Skillen.
This is the first canvas of two that I are planning with flying swans. 
This is the second.
This is a 50x50cm canvas that will become a Heron, as you can see. The first blocking in of acrylic is done. I will probably add one more layer of acrylic before starting with oils.
This weeks video is of the wren: 

I wish you all a beautiful week!

Thunderstorm and a Bluethroat.

For the first time in 2 weeks we actually had a little bit of sun this morning. It was still foggy, or 'smoggy' (since most of it was pollution), but without the rain clouds it was so much lighter! That has changed though. I am writing this just before going to bed, and now I have a glorious display of thunder, rain and lightning outside. I love thunderstorms!

A week has gone by again. I know I have said this many times before, but the time is just flying away so fast that I can not keep up. It feels like a week consists only of three days nowadays. And in 30 days time I will be flying home to Finland for our yearly visit. 30 days. I still have a lot of paintings I would like to finish before that. I'm trying to think of what I have been doing the whole winter and spring that has preventing me from being ready already. I do not know. Between moving apartment, travelling to Thailand and New Orleans and having guests staying with us, there still should have been plenty of ho…