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Studio update

Today was one of those days that started of slow. I did not feel a 100% when I woke up, but luckily after a rather productive day and a very nice massage I now feel great.

The weather has change. It has gone from t-shirt weather to only 8 degrees in 4 days time... It seems like Shanghai do not do autumn. Except for a lot of rain.

I decided to snuggle up on the couch and write a studio update. So, here it is!

As I have quite a few commissions piling up I have decided to concentrate on them. Some I will be able to show you the progress of, the others will have to wait until they are accepted by the new owners. I do have some other projects going on however, as I have to do something while the rest is drying in between layers...
For some time now I have been thinking of starting painting some flowers in the same style as my birds. I will continue to paint birds as well of course, but with the addition of the odd flower!

As I often do when I have many ideas but do not know where to start,…

2 months...

Wow! 2 months have passed already and I have not kept up with this blog as I intended to... No excuses, time just flies as crazy when you are having fun... And all the fun is not over yet!

So, a short update: after Beihai I went a few days home to Shanghai. Then of I went to Singapore and Indonesia (Sumatra) to visit my dearest friend Rain. (A Canadian who's husband is working on a big pulp and paper mill on Sumatra. We got to know each other when we lived together in Rizhao) I have been to Singapore before, quite exactly 20 years ago, so it felt like the first time again! What a city. Multi cultural and very interesting. We sampled food from all over the world, got henna tattoos, enjoyed a splendid orchid botanical garden, drank some wine by the river, and the best of all: saw Wicked the musical! After that we took the ferry over to Sumatra, flew to Pekanbaru and spend a week together in Rains home. I did not want to leave.

That is one of the best and worst things about living th…