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Birds in spring

The weather outside is perfect for the moment: not too hot and not too cold. I'm eating my breakfast on the balcony every morning now, and it is just so nice!!
Some things from my studio:
Page from my square art journal. A Gull in muted browns and blues. I have already started in this on canvas, and the background is almost done. Acrylic, watercolour and collage. 
Long tailed tit. I painted this same tit a couple of years ago, but now I got a new idea for it. All brown with some pink cherry blossoms. Also this one I have started on canvas already, and the background is almost done. Will show you progress photo when I have drawn in the bird on it.
This one is an experiment that I am liking so far. Canvas is 30x20cm. So far only collage and acrylics. I think I will paint a small trio of tree sparrows on it and call it the tree musketeers… We'll se.
This canvas (30x20cm) has gone through some changes, and I'm not sure were it is headed. But thats what fun with experimenting:…

Visiting Xi'an

I finally got around to go through my photos from my trip to Xi'an. I travelled to Xi'an together with three of my good friends: Kim, Rain and Blair. We spent 2 whole days there, one day for the city itself, and one day to see the terra-cotta soldiers. Xi'an is the capital of Shaanxi province almost in the middle of all of China. It is one of Chinas oldest cities, and it has been the capital of the 'Middel Kingdom' for many more years than both Beijing and Nanjing put together. It is in Xi'an that the Silk road started (or ended, depending how you look upon it), but today it is most known for the unearthed army of terra-cotta soldiers that were found in the 70-ties. Because of the silk road, islam was first introduced to the Chinese people in Xi'an, and there still is a big population of muslims in the city today. The chinese muslims however are very 'chinese'. I don't know how to explain it otherwise. The women cover their hair and you cannot …

Friday already. I know I have said it before, but man does the time fly!! It felt like it was just yesterday that I came back from a weekend in Xi'an (capital city of Shaanxi province). I haven't even downloaded my pictures yet. But we had a hilariously fun weekend there, some friends of mine and me, and I will write the next blogpost about it with lots of pictures!

Today I want to share this link from last week:

It is an art-journal tutorial I made for the website, and it is now online.

This week I have been planning new paintings. I did paint a little on the flying barn-owl I'm still working on. After being away from it I finally saw what has been bothering me with it, and I think I got the problem fixed. Now I only need to paint the final details. It is always the last finishing touches of a painting that take the longest for me. It is like I loose interest in it when it is almos…

Tourist in Shanghai

I didn't remember what I wrote about last without checkin. I got a little dishearten about writing about being a tourist in Shanghai as this post was suppose to be about, since I lost all my photos in my camera. When I took the memory card to upload the photos to my computer it said that it was empty… Either the memory card is getting old and unreliable, or I have pushed some wrong buttons… But it has lasted long and through many adventures!! The camera has been several times to the great wall of China, travelled back and forth between Finland and China, travelled to Japan, South-Korea, Hawaii, Micronesia and been taken down about 20 times under the water to more than 20m depth to document our underwater adventures, and so on… So if it time to buy a new memory card or even a new small 'point-and-shoot' camera, it has more than earned to get retired!

On a much happier note: I just spent the last weekend in Rizhao where we celebrated a dear friends birthday for 3 days long! …