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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A very merry christmas to you all!

We have family visiting us here in Shanghai from Finland over the holidays. There has been a lot of good food, card playing and quality time together.

Our christmas tree and gingerbread house.
When you can't get your own traditional christmas ham, you go for the next best thing: a suckling pig at the Bulgarian restaurant!

I bought myself a christmas present: a Gelli plate. I have been trying it out a little, and the possibilities are endless! I really enjoyed experimenting! There will be a lot of printing I think…

And I have a new video up! An art journal 'flip-through'!
And last I want to wish you all a very happy and inspirational new year 2016!!

Backgrounds and new video.

I have a lot of backgrounds getting ready for birds. Now I just have do decide which birds. I guess it is time to start digging in my photos and see what pops up today!

My projects for today.
New painting! Acrylic and oil on canvas board, 24x18cm. A Blue tit that I got a photo of last year back home in Finland.

I filmed the process of painting this, so if you are interested I suggest you grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy!

Winter in Shanghai

Hellou everyone!

Winter in Shanghai. But for one used to snow and minus degrees it doesn't feel like winter. Rainy days, about 7-14 degrees, the wet smell of leaves…. it feels like autumn! Today was a really bad day air quality wise, it smelled of dirty smoke outside. Not as bad as in Beijing, but still… We have gotten used to very good air here ever since the temperature started dropping, and due to frequent rain the air even smells good early in the mornings. And the birds are still singing...

I am in the process of editing my next video, and this one will be longer than planned… But there is simply no way I can edit almost 4 hours of painting into a 15 minute video without cutting out too much of the process. I hope it won't matter too much since it is a video of an oil painting… 

Sunshine, video and free shipping...

We have had sunshine and so nice weather for several days now. The only thing missing is the snow… =D But I have made it christmassy indoors instead. The tree is up, the gingerbread house is put together and decorated and the mulled wine is ready to be heated… It will be our first traditional christmas in almost 5 years now, with family coming to visit us here in Shanghai!

I have a new video posted to my Youtube channel!! Yay! Who thought it would be so much fun… I made a new christmas card:

In other news: I told you last time that I have updated my Society6 shop: and they still have free shipping (worldwide!!) going on! I ordered a few things to myself, I could not resist owning a tea mug with my own art on it! Lets see how long it will take to get here to China. I am really excited over the mugs, but the phone cases are fun too. Maybe a christmas gift idea for someone?!? Society6

I'm on YouTube!

December. I have to check my calendar twice, but both my computer and my telephone says it's December. Wasn't it September yesterday? That is how it feels! I guess time flies when you are having fun and have been busy…

And yes, as my header says: I'm on YouTube! Yay! I'm very excited and a little nervous… (well, a lot actually, but I don't want to admit it…) I have opened my own art channel on YouTube an uploaded my first ever videos. One 'trailer' where I talk about what my channel will be all about, and then my first video of me making an art journal page.

Why did I decide to do this? Well, I really enjoy other artists videos of them documenting their work, both painting and art journaling to talking about their process and so on. It looked fun and a great way to connect to other like-minded people. So I decided to give it a try. I had to do quite some research first into how to make a video. The filming part isn't hard, you know, you press 'rec&#…