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Book Incite 2 - color passion

My parents in law are visiting us here in Shanghai, and they brought with them my book Incite 2 - Color passion that I got almost a year ago. I haven't had in my hands yet until now though, as it was send to Finland. It was so nice to read it, colourful indeed!! I just wanted to share...

The cover.
The spread where my contribution is. So much delicious texture in this book, I felt totally at home in it!!
Page 51 - my page!
The caption I wrote to go with my painting. We were suppose to write a short text explaining our choice of colour, and here I explain why I so often choose to paint with a blue palette and the inspiration behind this particular painting.
I haven't painted this last week as we have guests, but I have a few pictures I haven't shared with you here from the week before!
I have 6 new small backgrounds made on wood panels. I'm thinking Great tit and Blue tit from my own images, and maybe a Robin or two… Decisions, decisions...
More details.
And I h…

More Contrast needed

I'm so happy that I just got my internet connection back up that I decided to post straight away! We have been without internet (wi-fi that is) for 3 days now, and it is scary how used I have become in having internet available all the time, and how dependent you can say that I have become of it. I was able to read and look at everything if I wanted through 3g on my phone and pad, but I still prefer to use the internet on my computer. I did get more painting done though, so maybe I have to take a few days a week as 'no internet-days'…

I added the first layer of colours to the long-tailed tit. I wasn't totally happy with how it looked though. It seems to lack something. I really liked the background as such, but with the pale bird everything looks, well, too pale… A dark bird would have been better maybe. So I decided to darken up the background giving it some more contrast so that the bird would 'pop' more.
Here is the same painting but with some added darker c…

The three musketeers (sparrows, that is…)

I do not like being sick. (It sucks!) Especially if it is due to something you could have avoided if you only knew… Oh well, thats life. Food poisoning is not the end of the world and not even serious, but when I am not used to being sick at all I felt sorry for myself… =D 
I can not get over how nice the weather is now. It is between 20-25 degrees with a lovely breeze. I could spend the whole day on the balcony with my book… I hope it will stay like this for a long time yet.
The three musketeers is coming along just fine. Here is the initial drawing with charcoal.
 I have started painting the birds in oil. For some reason I really like how this one is evolving. Probably because I have succeeded with getting down on canvas what I had imagined in my mind… I usually feel frustrated with my work, as I don't always seem to be able to get down on canvas what I had imagined. But I just have to continue to work and experimenting and trust in that I eventually will get the results I want…