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New movie

I finally got my iMovie program working again. My father searched online, and found a solution I had not tried yet. So now I have been able to edit my videos again, and I just uploaded my new movie to Youtube. Yay!

The last week has flown by. We have met up with a lot of old friends, and today we travelled by boat to Åland with my brothers family. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It is sunny and warm, and best of all, no wind! We will spend a couple of days here enjoying the best of what the Finnish summer has to offer!! Pictures to come in my next post!


I still haven't got my iMovie to work, and it is difficult to get help in my small hometown. I have still one place to go to and ask for help, but if they can not help me then I am afraid that a trip to Helsinki and an apple store is unavoidable! Have gotten no help from apple help desk. Wonder why they even bother to have one? Oh well, my youtube channel just got an involuntary vacation...

Anyway, we have spend all our time out on the sea so far. It has been so unbelievable wonderful! The days are flying past in blissful happiness, and my computer is laying quite forgotten in the bottom of my bag!

The harbour in my hometown Ekenäs.
The archipelago last night at 23:00.


I am home and it feels great! One week has flown by so incredible fast, luckily I have many weeks still to go.  I am a little late with posting here on my blog, but I have been struggling with my computer. I wanted to make the next small movie for my youtube channel, but my iMovie is not working properly anymore. It opens fine, and I downloaded all the material I have taken the first few days home, but then I could not create a new movie or project. I can make a trailer, I can make an 'app preview', but it simply won't open a new movie for me. I even uninstalled the iMovie app/program and reinstalled it. Still it doesn't work. Anyone who recognise this problem and know how to solve it??

I have seen the golden hour and I have seen the blue hour. This is the first time however I have seen the purple hour... =D
We have been the whole week at my husbands parents place, and this is now my outdoor studio! It could be worse...
Painting. I still have a few paintings to finish…