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Merry Christmas!

What better way to spend christmas morning than to paint this years christmas card!

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, A happy Holiday and a marvelous creative New Year!!!

Birds birds birds

So, here is my final post with photos taken while on holiday home to Finland. After this there will be updates from the studio and my new life in Shanghai ;)
We have been rather busy here the last 2 weeks. We spent one week back in Rizhao, and this week I've been running around the city trying to find a Christmas ham, painted and, um… ok, maybe I haven't been that busy this week. The days flies past so fast! 
But as the title of this post suggest, today I will give you Birds! I tried to get as many photos as possible with birds on my trip home so that I would get new reference material for painting. Unfortunately I was home quite late in the autumn this time so most of the birds had migrated south already. But I got a few good shots, and below are some of them. 
Blue tit. I was amazed at how aggressive these little feather balls were. They sounded like angry cats and chased the other bigger birds away when they wanted to feed, even if there would have been space for all of th…


So, I have a lot of pictures waiting to be shared, and today I give you Norway! While I was home for my holiday I decided to visit my cousin who has moved to Norway. She lives in the city of Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. My parents decided to joined me for the trip, so we packed the car and left. 
Our route:  Ekenäs - Åbo - Stockholm - Oslo - Bergen. We took the night ferry between Finland and Sweden, and we slept one night in Oslo. We spent 5 days in Bergen, and then drove back to Finland. 
I really have to say that Norway is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. I have once before driven through Norway when I moved to Scotland for a year back in 2007. Then I took the ferry from Stavanger in Norway to Newcastle in north of England. Ever since then I have dreamt of returning to see a little more of Norway. Now my cousin have given me the perfect excuse to visit more often...
If I did not have a few bird painting commissions, and some more bird paintings to d…

I'm back! Finland in pictures.

November. Soon December. Time flies, so fast! I am back in China, and I am now living in Shanghai. There is so much that has happened since last I wrote, that I do not know where to start. That is also the reason why I have been procrastinating with a thousand other things than opening the blog and start writing. But I have by now organized all my photos from my visit home to Finland (just a few thousands photos ;-) ) and I have unpacked all of our stuff in the new apartment here in Shanghai. So, writing time!
Let’s start where we left of, shall we?
After emptying our apartment in Rizhao, I flew home to Finland to visit family and friends. I spend almost 2 month at home, and for the first time in 4 years I was able to enjoy a glorious autumn. A full on coloured autumn with rain and sun and cold clean ‘high’ air. My husband joined me for 3 weeks, and we spend almost all of that time out in the archipelago with the boat.
The details of what I did when is not important, so here are the hig…