Tuesday, 27 November 2012

UK pic's

I almost forgot that I last time promised some pictures from my trip around UK that followed the art fair in London. I was distracted by a long weekend trip to Shanghai where I visited some friends and did some christmas shopping!

So, without much talking I give you a selection of my favorite pictures;

Only in London can you hire a dubbed-decker as your wedding car...

I saw several exhibitions while in London, among them Munch in Tate modern and The Preraphaelites in Tate Britain. In one of the museum shops I stumbled upon a familiar face...

Bath. The crescent. I walked in Jane Austens footsteps for a day...

Bradford upon Avon. A lovely medieval village, and we found one of the oldest houses still standing. The door to The Bridge came only to my shoulder!

Stonehedge. Smaller than I had imagined it, but still quite imposing. We were not allowed in as it was closed, unfortunately. The fences and the paved pathways took some of the mysteries away from this otherwise quite magical place.

Sudeley Castle, Cheltenhamn. The last home of Katherine Parr, the 6th wife of Henry VIII. Very interesting history in just one place. Anne Boleyn walked in these corridors (2nd wife of Henry VIII), Elizabeth I spend some time in her childhood here (daughter of HenryVIII), and came and visited when she was Queen.

Food and some reading in a newly bought book in a traditional English Tavern.

Exeter Cathedral. Not as huge as Wenstminster Abbey, but more beautiful I thought!

Ellenborough Park, where I slept some nights. A beautiful small castle or 'town house' as they call it build in the 15th century.

Exmouth. Evening display.

Good morning!

Winsdor Castle. This window reminded me of Romeo & Julia.

And last, a funny poster I found with some X-mas happenings I thought maybe could be fun to introduce as a new tradition back home? Not the cruise, but the x-mas swim...
Just a thought!