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It's a gray day today, the 4th in a row. Unusual for this place. I thought I would cheer it up with some colorful roses that are in full blossom at the moment down in the botanical garden. Having a morning walk amongst the roses where the whole air smells sweet is rather nice...


It must have been on a day like this when they came up with the saying "it's raining cats and dogs"! Although what the cats and the dogs has to do with I don't know, the swedish version gives an more apt description: "regnet står som spik i backen" (the rain stand as nails in the ground)... It has been going on now for 12 hours, and still going strong... It has been dark as evening the whole day, and the wind has really been making some whining noises through and around our building. The wind and rain is coming in from the sea, and the water has been coming in through the closed window in my bathroom that is facing seawards. A very cosy spring storm in other words!
This has been all that I can see during the whole day.
I'm all huddled up in a comfortable chair with a hot cup of tea and some good reading. Enjoying being warm and dry while the storm is raging outside!!
I got two new paintings finished, and I am starting too feel more confident in having …

Siberian Jay

I have been painting and playing in the studio, so here is an update:
'Morning song', oil and collage on canvas board, 20x20 cm. Siberian Jay (Lavskrika) The 4th of 8 in this series. I think is my new favorite. When I visit Finland this summer I have to go hunting for new song books and other old letters and books to use for my collage background. I only have an old swedish song book here with me in China, and I think I would like to be able to choose from both english and finnish songs as well. I prefer old/wintage ones, because they are already 'weathered', and I don't have to worry so much about more yellowing of the pages. The song sheets that I have used so far in all my paintings, are from an old song book that my mother used in school when she was a young girl!
5 paintings that are all just about one last layer from being finished. I'm working on the robin right now and hope to get him done yet today.
Two new backgrounds that I have been playing with ye…

This and that...

Spring is gone, and summer is starting to gain strength. The trees are now just green. 
Pink floor instead of pink trees.
The sea is already warming up nicely.
The city of Rizhao is expanding skywards.

Studio update: I got two new paintings to share!

A small crested tit on a 20x20cm canvas board. Oil and collage. I call it 'Morning'.

A small blue tit I finished today. This one is also 20x20cm on canvas. Oil and, well , lets just call it mixed media ;-) And as he is so cuddled up against the cold, I just named this painting 'Cold'.


If anybody would ask me what the color of spring is, right now I would answer pink! For about a week and a half now, one of the parks here in Rizhao has been in full cherry blossom. I have steered my morning walk to this park now almost every morning, just to enjoy the blossoms. It is postcard perfect! Like a small eden in an otherwise big and dusty city. A pity that in a day or two there will no longer be any flowers on the trees.