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Golf and Azure-winged Magpie


I held a golf club in my hand for the first time in my life on friday. Now two days afterward my hand/arm still hurst a little from TRYING to hit those balls... One ground hit, a few 'air' hits, many 'leisury rolls along the grass' hits and only a very few good hits. Not beyond the 100 meter sign though...

Sam however succeeded with some very nice hits that went even beyond the field!

The golf club is down at the beach, and it was nice and quiet. You pay by how many balls you want to hit, and a basket of 30 balls costs 30 yuan (= about 3,50 euro). That includes the hiring of the clubs and lane. I thought golf was suppose to be expensive ;-)

Here we are concentrating very hard on getting it right! Inga, Tarvi and Sam.
How far did it go?

Studio update:
I finished a painting yesterday! This is an Azure-winged magpie in oil on a collage background. I see these birds often in the park next to our house here in Rizhao. They are really shy birds, and usually come togeth…

I am sailing, I am sailing...

Yesterday we spend a whole day out on the sea. We hired a sailing boat from two russian boat builders, and they took us out for a cruise along the beach of Rizhao. 
The weather was perfect, 30-ish degree, a little breeze, no clouds, and a mist to shield us a little from the sun. It looks much mistier on the pictures than it actually was, though. We = Sam, 3 of his colleagues and me.
It was a 2 - masts 50 feet sailing boat that had been sailed all the way to China from Kiev 3 years ago. Included was a lot of fresh fruit, barbecue with russian styled potatoes and salad. Beer for the boys, and Pia had some sparkling wine with her for us two girls. 
The plan was to sail to some underwater rocks were the boys were suppose to dive, but the visibility was almost non at all and the gear had some problem with the air pressure. So, just swimming was the other option. We also became a target for the chinese tourists out on boats who all came by our boat to take pictures of us. We considered sta…