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Mushroom picking on a sunny day.

My hubby is back in Shanghai, and I still have about 2 weeks left in Finland. So, what do I do?
Well, today I went mushroom picking with mom! It was a glorious sunny summer day today, so walking through the forest looking for the elusive golden chanterelles was very enjoyable!

Chanterelles likes it quite moist and sunny, so this is the kind of forest you need to look for.

And we found some. Not many, but enough to give some flavour for the evening dinner. Please note the yellow birch leaves, very confusing when trying to find yellow mushrooms...
This picture is a little out of focus, but look what a perfect chanterelle!
I also found a perfect birds nest, but due to de-foresting I found it on the ground. The birds need to find a new tree when they come back next year.
A few of our normal mushroom picking sites looked like this when we came today. Not very inspiring, if I am honest.
Luckily they had planted both new furs and pines, so in 20-50 years time there will be a new nice forest …

Watercolour and Pied Fly-catcher.

August. Where did July go? We have been home for 3 weeks now, and the days have just flown past. Family gatherings, being out with the boat, crayfish party, Toto concert, lumberjack duties around the summer cottage, etc. etc. I guess I do not actually have to wonder why the time has flown past, we have been busy!
Yesterday was the first day I had no other program, so I took out my sketch bag and painted a little. I also had a small visitor/patient. He/She flew against the window here on the terrace where I am sitting. I lifted it up on the fence and gave it some time to recover.  Luckily it took flight and disappeared into the forest about half an hour later.

Painting on the terrace table.
Watercolour. If you remember my photos from last post you will recognise this view.
My visitor/patient. A juvenile (female?) Pied Fly-catcher. (at least I think it is)
She flew against the window, but luckily only got a minor concussion, because she recovered and flew away a while later.
I will leav…