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Greetings from Finland

Yes, greetings from Finland! I have now 2,5 months to enjoy the beautiful finish summer. My exhibition in August is also coming closer, and I am now busy getting the last details finished on my paintings. I had 26 paintings with me home in my luggage, and tohether with the paintings I already had here in Finland, I will be able to choose from 30 paintings to put in the exhibition. I was suppose to write this blogpost before I left China, but with with all the packing and last minute things to do, it just had to wait... So, let's see what I have for pictures that I intended for this post.

First up is the last paintgings that I finished:

''Lyckans land' / 'The land of happiness' Oil and mixed media on camvas, 30x20cm.
'Vad skogen dock är frisk'/'Sanctuary of the forest' Oil and collage on canvas board.
'Videvisan'/ 'Song of the willow' Mixed media on canvas, 30x20cm
'Flyg om du kan'/ 'Fly if you can' Oil, acrylic an…