A rainy Monday.

It's raining. It is also dark and quite grey. A perfect time to sit down under the blanket with a cup of tea and write a post... I have also edited and uploaded my next video to Youtube, done 2 loads in the washing machine, talked to mom, and before I go and meet my hubby for dinner I have an appointment with a red Lamborghini. Sounds exciting doesn't it? But it's just my vacuum cleaner. I wonder who came up with the brilliant name for it...☺️

Shanghai under heavy clouds of rain.

I have started a new 'project' of making postcards. When I do not know what to do or where to start in the mornings when I'm in my studio, I can just grab one of these cards and do something. Anything at all. Just to do something creative and hopefully get the inspiration going. I could of course just use an artjournal for this as well, but this way I will get postcards that I can use and send. 

Postcard no:2. A baby Chaffinch.

Preparing a canvas for a commission. This one will become a Raven, so I'm thinking lots of blues and browns...

Another commission, this time it will be flowers. I am adding light modelling paste to the canvas here, because I want the surface to be smooth. 

Just look at that yummy paste... Usually I use heavy gesso to do this stage, but the jar was empty! So I decided to try the modelling paste instead.


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