Hot pressed paper.

The weather has changed. It is getting warmer, and I am now able to eat my breakfast out on the balcony. I've been looking forward to that all winter. 

The magnolia trees have started to bloom, so I need to go out with my camera and see if I can get some nice shots to use as reference material for paintings.

It has been a slow week in the studio this week. I have mostly been experimenting with the hot pressed watercolour paper. My first two paintings were a struggle, and the paper does not suit my usual style of painting. So I tried out some more different things. I got a suggestion on Instagram that hot pressed paper is beautiful with ink and wash, so I gave that a try. 

I tried painting both a landscape and a feather.

Not too bad, but I think it would have looked better on cold pressed paper. The hot pressed paper does not take a lot of wet watercolours very well.

Ink and wash. The hot pressed paper is very suitable for this technique. It was so easy to draw with ink as the paper is so smooth. I think I will try and do a few more with this technique. 

I wish you all a great weekend!


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