Watercolours and Beihai.

Happy New Chinese Year! It is the year of the dog starting today. We have been for a few days down south in Beihai (close to the border of Vietnam). My husband had a business trip and I went with him for once. We arrived back in Shanghai yesterday. Now it is a few days holiday as almost the whole country stands still during the new year celebration.

I had my watercolours with me to Beihai and painted a little in the hotel.

Peonies. Not super happy with the background. 

Barn owl. This I am happy with. The only thing I might go back and add is maybe a little purple in the background.

The crested tit is coming along nicely as well. The head is almost done.

And last, this weeks video. Something new. I filmed while I was in Beihai, and decided to film an art chat. The topic: are there any rules in art?


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