Crested grebe and ravens.

The Chinese new year festivities are over. The city is slowly getting back into normal everyday life. I have to say that it was nice and quiet while half the city was out of town. It will take another week before everyone is back though. The Chinese new year is the only holiday for many, and it is the time when you travel home to your hometown (=hometown here means where your ancestors from and family is living). It is considered the world largest annual human migration in the world.

My husband was also home for a few days. We have had a nice and relaxing time, mostly spend on the coach with quite a few good movies... I did spend a little time in the studio as well, and here are my efforts.

Great crested grebe. Painted with acrylic colours on a Gelli print. (watercolour paper) I did this for my Tuesday video. I really like it though, so I think I will make a few more of these. I have many more of Gelli prints as ready backgrounds.

Close up.

Oil paint. Just thought it would make a beautiful picture.

Yesterday I started with the Ravens on this painting.

Today I put down the first layer of oil. Now I have to sleep on it one night and see if I need to tweak any details. I think I have to make the eye smaller and the beaks slightly bigger to make them even more raven-ish... After that, I have to decide how detailed I want to paint them.

I also have a few more backgrounds ready. Let's see who will come to inhabit them next week.

In this weeks video, you can see me painting the crested grebe!


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