New painting and butterfly-party

So, the italian party was a success, and why shouldn't it have been with all that food, Limoncello and Pavarotti... Needless to say, we had leftovers for lunch the next day!

With people now starting to leave Rizhao, we had had a few farewell dinners the last 2 weeks. One crazy evening last week we had a "Rizhao amazing race", organized by my friend Inga who I travelled with to Hunan. We started at the beach with sparkling wine and some games, continued to the university city for some beer competition, more games and a food challenge. Our food challenge was to feed our group of 10 people for ten yuan (=1.20 euros maybe). And with some really good dumplings and chinese fried egg-bread we did it! After that we continued to the first bar on the list, where we listened to some live music while having a drink, then the next bar, and the next drink... According to Inga we were only halfway on her 'to do'- list for the evening after this, and a few of the others continued to yet another bar before calling it a night... It was a fun evening!!!

Yesterday we had another party, or a 'cooking-at-home and empty-the-cupboard-event' just with the girls at Pia's place (Pia is Sam's colleague who is one of the people now leaving Rizhao). I had made some butterfly- masks for us girls, and we had a fun photo-shoot amidst the sparkling wine, cooking, baking, and trying on shoes and clothes that Pia did not want to take with her back home.

News from the studio:
I got a painting finished today! I always work at several paintings at the same time, so there are no order  in which they get finished...

First a page from my inspirational journal. This is a small long-tailed tit I got permission from the photographer of it to paint. I was playing with composition and colours. I reused an old linoleum print from my days at the university in Utrecht. I liked the idea, but decided to go with a more simpler background for the painting though.

Below the first stage of the painting. The background was made with book pages and a sheet of music on a 20x20cm canvas. I painted them with several thin layers of acrylic. Here also the first blocking in of the long-tailed tit in oil colours.

Next stage; more layers on the bird and the branches. 

And here the finished painting: Våstämning / Spring mood. It was difficult to make a good photograph of it with the background being painted with glossy medium. Hope you like it non the less!


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